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Apr 10, 2012 04:37 PM

Where To Eat Near Penn Station

Hi. I'm going to be near Penn Station on Thursday and I'm looking for a good place to eat for dinner. We will be 4 people and open to most foods except Indian. Nothing to expensive. Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

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  1. while im sure its not what you are looking for, if you are hungry when you get off the train, on the Amtrak level, the pizza place "Don Pepe pizza" has surprisingly good pizza.

    two slices and a drink for 6usd. fortify here for the assault on manhattan.

      1. re: apples

        "great"? I wouldn't go that far. It is "serviceable" in an area with few to no options.

        Keen's best in that walkable area. Or Txikito isn't THAT far.

      2. "Nothing to [sic] expensive" can be interpreted quite differently by people depending on the depth of their wallets, so it would be helpful if you told us your per person budget for food only. That said...

        I highly recommend Keens, on 36th St., just off the southeast corner of 6th Av..

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        1. re: RGR

          Thanks for the recomendation. Not to expensive for me is less then $40 per person. I've found that spending a lot of money doesn't always mean a good meal. We're more concerned with a good meal then the atmosphere. Casual is fine some hidden gem would be ok. We're willing to walk 10 blocks or so if this gives us more options.


          1. re: Marinating Matt

            10 blocks opens up options considerably:

            Going SW into Chelsea
            Grand Sichuan
            Red Cat
            Trestle on Tenth

            Going SE
            The Breslin
            John Dory

            1. re: thegforceny

              The one meal we had at Red Cat was just o.k. The pizza a Co. is good. Have not had anything else there. Love Trestle on Tenth. The dinner we had there in February was delicious.

              Trestle on Tenth photos:


        2. There's a Brother Jimmy's (BBQ) right outside Penn Station - haven't been to that exact location but the food at their downtown shop is pretty good. If that's not your thing, check this out:

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          1. re: benn2009

            Food and this location are really horrid. Do NOT recommend.

            1. re: thegforceny

              good to know! i had planned on going once because of its proximity to the train and my experiences at the other location - now i'll plan otherwise next-time!

              1. re: benn2009

                It has, dare I say, a 'scary' crowd. Think painted face Rangers' fans and penn station derelicts with fifths in their pockets.