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Apr 10, 2012 03:53 PM

really good seafood in Manhattan.

My wife and our two twenty something kids with their significant others would like to have a good seafood dinner this Sunday. Anywhere near West Village, Soho Chelsea? Please help.

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    1. re: small h

      Last time I was at Aquagrill (a long time ago, I admit), we were served several oysters that weren't fresh, and the manager explained to us that we just don't know what oysters taste like.

      1. re: foodperestroika

        I've been to Aquagrill about a dozen times. The oysters are consistently excellent. I'm sorry you had one bad experience there a long time ago, but I wouldn't let it dissuade the OP or anyone else from going to Aquagrill. Where the oysters are consistently excellent.

        1. re: foodperestroika

          also not a big fan of aquagrill. ... i do like pearl and mary's fish camp. blt fish is also quite good

        2. re: small h

          +1 for Aquagrill.

          For more casual, I'm a big fan of Mary's Fish Camp, and, to a lesser extent Pearl's, but they're both closed Sundays.

          1. Love Mermaid Oyster Bar on MacDougal, can get crowded during happy hour and a half.

              1. You might try Lure Fishbar, at Mercer and Prince in Soho. They have sushi and a raw bar, and among other seafood offerings, they serve up a very nice lobster roll. Not cheap, though...

                Here's a link to their dinner menu: