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Apr 10, 2012 03:37 PM

Outstanding pastiera @ La Gelatiera, Covent Garden, London

Light eloquent orange flavour from puffy, medium dense and richly flavoured sheep's milk ricotta within a soft crumbly shell. One of the best pastries I've had in London -- the texture of the filling is gorgeous, perfectly calibrated. It's a traditional Italian Easter treat, so get it soon before it runs out.

BTW, I think their gelati has improved quite a bit; they were very good when they started, and it's even better now -- the textures have hit a density that I like -- soft but stiff, without any chewy or stickiness to it. Milk chocolate was astoundingly good.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I had chocolate at dri dri which was excellent but really think the milk chocolate at la gelatiera beats it for chocolate intensity.

    They also had some more outlandish favours such as san marzano tomato with mozzarella, would be interested to know if anyone's tried?

    So much good ice cream in London so little time....

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      Had a Wensleydale with some sort of berries iirc. Not hugely cheesey, and fairly balanced flavour-wise. The pumpkin and amaretti had a amazing cloak of lemon zest flavour, which I really like, but those who want prominence from the pumpkin may not be as excited.