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Apr 10, 2012 03:36 PM

Where can I buy authentic Spanish chorizo please?

Hi - I've just moved to the Bay Area after living in Europe for the last 14 years and I would like to find a Spanish foods purveyor. I've tried looking but most Spanish foods stores are actually Latin food stores (maybe because I'm looking on the Peninsula?). I'm looking for things like jamon iberico, chorizo, and the other cured meats of Spain. I've tried Mexican chorizo but it's completely different! All suggestions much appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. The Spanish Table on San Pablo in Berkeley has a great selection of Spanish food items. I don't know about chorizo specifically but I got some great blood sausage there. Unfortunately they're not convenient to the Peninsula (which is also my home base).

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      Spanish Table has great chorizo. Usually they have one or two from Spain, which I like better than the La EspaƱola / Dona Juana brand from L.A., though that's decent stuff.

      You might give Draeger's a call.

      1. Have you tried Rock of Gibraltar, next to and affiliated with Iberia Restaurant in Menlo Park?

        It's been a few months since I visited La Catalana in San Jose/border with Milpitas. At the time in addition to the restaurant and wine bar, it was also selling some packaged foodstuffs. There was a jamon iberico in a holder on the counter for fresh slices.

        Edited to add: A better website link for Rock of Gibraltar,

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          Also La Espanola in Harbor City (LA) that Robert mentioned above will ship in retail quantities and carries the main brands of meats imported from Spain as well as its own domestic products. Depending on what you buy, La Espanola's prices are often lower than Spanish Table, enough to cover the shipping from Los Angeles and more.

        2. The Pasta Shop also has some Spanish chorizos,but not as much of a selection compared to the Spanish Table.

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            Berkeley Bowl has some La EspaƱola stuff, though that's no more convenient to the Peninsula than Spanish Table.

          2. I usually get Palacios brand chorizo at Golden Natural Foods or Canyon Market.

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              That is the brand that the Pasta Shop sells. Fatted Calf makes a respectable Spanish style chorizo. It is like Palacios in some ways. I have never been to Spain so have no direct knowledge.

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                Agreed on Fatted Calf's Spanish chorizo.

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                Two flavors of Palacio's are also available at Avadano's