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Apr 10, 2012 02:58 PM

Does lemon juice go bad?

The bottle reads "best used by Nov. 15, 2006." It's been in the fridge. I'm thinking since it's so acidic it's ok. It smells ok. I want to use it in a salad dressing. Thoughts?

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  1. Fresh lemon juice definitely goes bad. What kind do you have? The brands that are sold on a regular shelf, as opposed to the refrigerator or freezer case, are loaded with preservatives, so it might still be good. Though that would be good as in not rotten, not good as in tasty.

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      Yes, you can certainly use it without harmful effects, but it will not impart any of the flavor you're seeking (and may well be more bitter).

      1. re: bitchincook

        "Real Lemon" brand. Ha ha. Used balsamic instead.