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Apr 10, 2012 02:42 PM

lime chicken soup

I went to a party many years ago and a woman brought a soup she called Mexican lime chicken soup. Looked around on chow with no luck. It was a broth based soup with peppers, onions, zucchini, chicken breasts and served with lime wedges and jack cheese, cilantro, sour cream and crushed tortilla chips as garnish. Tried to recreate it ans I am missing something in the broth. Anyone had this and if so what's the secret? Tried bay leaf and a few other additions with no luck. Any thoughts?

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  1. Traditionally, it's a Yucatecan dish called sopa de lima or sopa de limon (Google will get you lots of recipes for ideas). The spices you may be missing are allspice and mexican oregano. Many recipes call for cinnamon as well, but I don't particularly care for it. I usually squeeze a couple of limes and add the halves to the broth which gives a slight bitter flavor. Another (non-traditional) addition I like is a little adobo sauce from canned chipotle peppers.

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      I know that it had no allspice or cinnamon as I don't care for this spices on savory food but I haven't used Mexican oregano or adobo. I know the oregano can make a difference. Thank you both for the sopa de Lima suggestion. I'm Googling right away

    2. I love lime soup! I skip allspice and cloves that recipes call for and only let 1 cinnamon stick sit in the broth for like 5 minutes. If you do a google search for lime soup, you'll likely find the same soupa de lima recipe that I've been using.

      I made it last weekend with the flavorful broth and some crispy tortilla pieces on top for garnish. Everyone loved it and said it was as good as what we've had in Mexico.

      1. Could be anything. Sounds like you had one sans tomatoes ... and the lime is only a garnish.

        If so, Google ... Sopa De Pollo Ala Mexicana -OR- Caldo de Pollo Mexicano

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          Those also have tomatoes. The broth had lime in it. I could taste it. Oh how I wish I had asked for the recipe. I can usually crack a recipe but this one has eluded me.

        2. I make a similar soup. It includes minced garlic, which is sautéed with the onions and jalapeño peppers In oil, as the first step. Mine also has potatoes and corn kernels but I assume that the dish that you are trying to re-create did not, as that would be obvious