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Apr 10, 2012 02:20 PM

Sheep's Milk Ricotta

I've long enjoyed the wonderful sheep's milk ricotta they serve with bread at Trattoria Cinque in Tribeca. I asked the staff there where the procure their ricotta and they told me the chef said it was from Sweet Farms. I tried searching Sweet Farms Ricotta, Sweet Farm Ricotta, Sweetfarm and Sweetfarms - all to no avail. Anyone every heard of Sweet Farm(s) and know if it is local?

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  1. I love sheep's milk ricotta. two good sources are 3 Corner Field Farm- they are usually at the Union Sq. greenmarket - check which days, and at the greenmarket in Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn on Saturdays.They raise their own sheep. All their cheese is wonderful, not just the ricotta.
    Another source is Valley Shepherd - they have stands in a number of the greenmarkets- their sheep milk ricotta is good (although not as good as 3 Corner Field Farms))

    1. Don't know abouta Sweet Farms - but I think you can get sheep's milk ricotta at Buon Italia in the Chelsea Market.