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Apr 10, 2012 01:43 PM

Lunch en route from Denver to Santa Fe?

This weekend I'm picking a friend up at DIA in the late morning and driving to Santa Fe on I-25. Any suggestions for a good place to have lunch (2-4 hours south of Denver) that isn't too far out of the way? Just hoping to avoid highway fast food. Thanks!

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  1. My favorite Mexican food place in Colorado Springs is Senior Manuels. north Nevada exit
    three blocks south on right side just before Garden of the Gods light. Get back on 25 via
    Garden of the Gods. The sizzling tostado is killer as is the enchilada plate.Oui la la

    1. I do that drive every other week, and I can tell you it's pretty slim pickings. Here are a few suggestions:

      Conway's Red Top (CO Springs) - CO Springs may be too close to Denver for you (it's only about 1-1.5 hours from DIA), but this is a decent Roadfood-type joint serving old fashioned (and huge) burgers, fries, and shakes.

      Pass Key (Pueblo) - another Roadfood favorite. The specialty here is some sort of sausage and melted cheese sandwich that is allegedly a unique local item. Tried it once and didn't quite get the fuss. There are multiple locations - the one off the Abriendo (sp?) exit is probably the most convenient.

      There are two other options that look interesting that I haven't tried - Obie's BBQ, a relatively new place right off the highway at Exit 74, and the Shamrock Brewing Company in Pueblo (on the theory that brewpubs are often your best choice if you're flying blind in a strange town). Don't go past Trinidad without eating - it's a total wasteland from there to Las Vegas, NM (apologies to Raton in case there's something there I haven't found yet), and by the time you get to Las Vegas you might as well hold out for Santa Fe.

      1. Original Johnny's Kitchen in Las Vegas, NM.

        1. We stopped in Walsenburg at Johnny's Place, right on the main drag, and they had amaaaaazing cinnamon rolls that the owners make themselves. They were so good that we ate some there, and took some home for the next day. We are still talking about them. They close after lunch, I think.

          1. Thanks for the recommendations. We wound up at the Shamrock Brewing Company in Pueblo. Can't report on the beer, since we had several hours' driving to go, but the food was pretty good. I had a buffalo burger that had some sort of meatloaf-y seasoning. My only complaint is that I asked for medium rare and it was cold and raw in the middle -- however, it was so big that I didn't need to eat the middle anyway. My friend liked her regular burger (cooked medium). Service was very friendly.