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Apr 10, 2012 01:37 PM

Upscale Krakow restaurants


please help me out. I'll spend a couple of days in Krakow and Katowice in a couple weeks time. I've seached frommers, nyt, fodors and the michelin guide and a couple of food forums but can't really find a single place that's a must do when I'm there. Judging from the restaurant web sites, it seems 10% of the Krakow restaurants are the cottage or vaulted cellar type places serving rustic traditional food. I'm sure that's great for hanging out with freinds and all but I suppose I'm looking for something more high end. Now there's 2nd problem.., the remaining 10% seems to be all very exquisite and classically elegant. I don't particularly fancy that kind of decor and would rather prefer minimalist or modern. In the end however, the food is the important part and the setting less so.

I've been a couple of times to Warsaw and I was mildly impressed with the food scene. The only passable places I were to was Gessler/Kucharzy and Michel Moran. I guess I want to be more informed when I now have the opportunity to visit Poland again.

Foodies, help me out.. :)

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  1. I was there a few years ago but I doubt that things have changed significantly. The two upscale places we dined at were Cul de Sac (now called Grodek, for the hotel it is located in) and Wierzynek. The former best fits the description of what you are looking for, modern food and decor, and is excellent but could really be anywhere. The latter is traditional and elegant in both food and decor, but I really don't think you should miss it as it is something you will only find in Poland. The prices at both were very reasonable for the quality of food, atmosphere and service. The more casual places we tried were disappointing.

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      Thanks, I'll look into those.
      The somewhat suspect site Cracow life mentions "Villa Decius" as an interesting place. Anyone been there or any opinions?

      Any more tips?

      ps. The first instance of "10%" in my earlier post (above) was supposed to read "90%".

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        Ditto Wierzynek, it's a lovely space (lots of intimate ares with beautiful murals - great view of the square) with very good traditional food (with some upscale twists). And a very good value for what you get.

      2. I wonder if Pod Baranum might have what you want? It's tradtional Polish food, but prepared very well and in a more upscale space. The service is very "continental." We liked it. The sauces in particular were extremely good.

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          Just thought I'd let you all know how it went. I'll comment on the dinners only:

          I had a nice dinner at Miod Malina. Nothing special but nice local dishes. The cuisine was truly down to earth Polish.
          My dinner at Pod Baranem was great. I was happily suprised with the consistently good dishes arriving at the table. I'd probably go here if I visited again.
          I didn't visit Wierzynek due to the fact that it was fully booked.

          All in all, hardly a culinary destination (I'd rate it slighly below the Warsaw restaurant I've been to in the past) but very large amount of restaurants to choose from and a few quite decent ones.

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            Very nice. Glad you like Pod Baranem. What else did you eat? Krakow struck us as a lunch town.