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Sunday lunch in the Vaucluse

christy319 Apr 10, 2012 12:47 PM

I'm looking for a nice restaurant (any price range) for a Sunday lunch in the Vaucluse area. I'd like it to be out in the country or in a small town in a really pretty spot. We're based in Caromb but are fine with driving an hour or so in an direction, though closer would be nice. I have plenty of restaurants on my list to try but almost none are open Sunday lunch, it seems. The restaurant at the Hotel Crillon le Brave looks like it fits the bill--it looks gorgeous, has good recent reviews, and that view! But I wanted to see if there are other choices. The restaurant at Chateau Mazan also looks good, and I think they might be open Sunday lunch, but I need to email and ask them. Thanks for any other suggestions.

  1. j
    Johnbliss Oct 4, 2012 07:08 AM

    We had a great meal at the Les Remparts the food and service was good and parking close by. The meal was not world class but neither was the price. Out of two weeks meals this was probably the best.

    1. b
      Barbaluc Apr 14, 2012 08:47 AM

      Jardin Du Quai in L'isle sur la Sorgue
      Beautiful garden, protected - which you will need tomorrow as the mistral is here for 3 more days!
      Best place for Sunday lunch.

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      1. re: Barbaluc
        christy319 Apr 15, 2012 09:36 PM

        Thanks. This is for mid-May.

        1. re: christy319
          Barbaluc Apr 23, 2012 08:07 AM

          Ok then. Crillon le Brave has possibly the best view in the Vaucluse from their terrace. Also try l'Oustalet in Gigondas. It is right on the place and has nice outdoor seating. Owned by the Perrin family ( Beaucastel ), both the food & wine are excellent and it is close to you in Caromb. Sort of...but worth the drive.
          My only criticism of Crillon le Brave is that it has become very English. We were one of their first guests 18 years ago and still visit several times a year both to eat and for an overnight. To me it has lost some of its original appeal, but still hands down one of the best in the area. #diedandgonetoheaven

        2. re: Barbaluc
          sderham Apr 25, 2012 08:42 AM

          The Jardin du Quai is good, but way too expensive, since there is no choice on the menu. But I guess since tons of people are in L'Isle on Sunday, they get lots of business. Tourists may not care how much they spend. Week night menus are cheaper.

          Have heard they have new owners. Can anyone confirm?

          1. re: sderham
            Barbaluc Apr 25, 2012 09:24 AM

            sderham, I agree that it is not the cheapest place around. We like it for the combination of the garden, food and staff. We're used to places with prix fixe and for the odd time we haven't wanted what was on the plat that day we have always been able to substitute. ( usually fish for meat in my case ). It is actually not a tourist place, especially Sunday lunch which is almost all regulars. Agree that a weeknight dinner is often better, but more because the crowd is smaller.
            For the area, it can be compared to Ferme de la Huppe, Mas Tourteron, Auberge des Carrieres and Le Vivier which are the other closest restaurants with above average food. Because my husband and I and our closest friends all cook, we don't go out for many mid-range dinners anymore as we have found them increasingly disappointing for the price. ( Lunch is another story, but then a couple of glasses of wine and there goes the afternoon.)

            And I can confirm that the restaurant is still owned by Daniel Hebet.

            1. re: Barbaluc
              sderham Apr 26, 2012 12:59 AM

              Thanks for the comments. I hadn't heard about Auberge des Carrieres--will try it.

          2. re: Barbaluc
            antonia2 Dec 27, 2013 01:22 PM


            You seem very knowledgeable about restaurants in the vaucluse area. We will be in the northern part, in the small village of Grillon near Valreas. We are looking for a comfortable restaurant with an outdoor area and excellent food for a Sunday lunch for a large family gathering. Any suggestions?

          3. s
            sderham Apr 11, 2012 07:21 AM

            Coteaux et Fourchettes in Rasteau is excellent and open for Sunday lunch. Probably 29-45 euros.

            Also the Beaugraviere in Mondragon. 29-45-65 euros. A favorite of mine for Sunday lunch.

            Le Grand Pre, Roaix, one Michelin star, and their excellent bistro Preface, on the same site.

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            1. re: sderham
              sderham Apr 12, 2012 03:58 AM

              Chez Serge in Carpentras,

              Many places in L'Isle sur la Sorgue.

              1. re: sderham
                christy319 Apr 12, 2012 07:04 PM

                Thanks for the suggestions. I think we'll hit Chez Serge on Friday during market day.

              2. re: sderham
                jclackey Dec 29, 2012 05:45 AM

                I just saw your post. I will be staying in Cavaillon this summer. Any dining suggestions around there? Also, how about dining in the little hill towns of Bonnieux or Fountain de Vaucluse?

                1. re: jclackey
                  boredough Dec 29, 2012 07:11 AM

                  Not too far from Cavaillon:
                  Le Mas du Potager (at the Mas de la Rose) in Orgon
                  Le Mas du Capoun in Mollégès
                  L'Auberge des Carrières in les Taillades
                  A bit further away:
                  La Ferme de la Huppe in Gordes
                  *La Bartavelle in Goult
                  Le Fournil & l'Arôme in Bonnieux
                  *La Petite Cave in Saignon
                  Le Bistro at Domaine de la Coquillade in Gargas
                  *open dinner only (last I checked)

                  1. re: boredough
                    jclackey Dec 29, 2012 07:57 AM

                    thank you, boredough....Do any of these restaurants require reservations? Also, which ones could we also have a nice lunch instead of dinner? Merci beaucoup.

                    1. re: jclackey
                      boredough Dec 29, 2012 08:11 AM

                      Without a doubt, make reservations whenever you can. First reason is to make sure they are not closed the day you want to go, although most of this info can be found on-line (closing days vary: some SUN/MON, MON/TUE, WED/THU). Second reason (which overlaps the first) is to make sure you don't make the trip for nothing. (In the summer it is easy for places to book up.) There should always be someone with whom you can communicate in English, if that is your concern. As for lunch, the settings at le Potager du Mas (sorry, I messed up the name), la Ferme de la Huppe, le Fournil, & le Bistro at Coquillade would make for a lovely lunch on a sunny day. (Another correction: la Petite Cave serves lunch ONLY on Sunday.)

                      1. re: boredough
                        jclackey Dec 29, 2012 08:20 AM

                        Thank you so much. Bon Apetit from South Carolina.

                        1. re: jclackey
                          boredough Dec 29, 2012 08:40 AM

                          have a great trip!

                  2. re: jclackey
                    Johnbliss Dec 29, 2012 01:22 PM

                    Two very good places, we had a late Sat. Lunch which was excellent I believe the name was Hotel Ramparts we ate in the courtyard with a view of the surrounding mountains. The places was right at the bridge where the main road come into to town. There is a car park about 200 yards on the right before getting here. One of our better meals of the trip. They also serve a beer I enjoy LEFFE

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