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Apr 10, 2012 12:37 PM

Dim Sum in the City

Our dim sum experiences in San Francisco itself are from quite a few years ago, and limited to New Asia and the long closed Harbor Village. Our recent experiences have been Koi Palace and Hong Kong Flower Lounge on drives down to Carmel, which we've really enjoyed.

Our next visit will find us without a car staying in the Union Square area. So of the places I'm considering are Yank Sing, City View and Great Eastern. Any comments on the dim sum quality here? Am I missing any great restaurants within reasonable distance and access? My family and I would really appreciate some advice on the better places available. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Yank Sing's branch in the Rincon center is big, spacious and probably results in the most pleasant dim sum experiences I've had. They are not adventurous and are on the pricier side. But if you've never been, I'd suggest it's time to check it out.

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      If you go on a Saturday or Sunday, ask to sit outside the restaurant by the fountain. Less noisy and really pretty with the water falling from the ceiling.

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        I think the fountain has an unappetizing smell, but you can check that yourself before sitting there.

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          I never noticed that. You must have a better nose than I do!

    2. Yank Sing's the best to my taste since Harbor Village closed.

      1. Thanks for your replies, I've always wondered about the quality of dim sum at Yank Sing and I admit to being a bit hesitant to eat there. May be the perfect time to give it a try. And by the way Robert, I do miss Harbor Village which I thought was a pretty good dim sum restaurant.

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          Yank SIng actually reminds me of New Asia circa maybe the early to mid 90's.

          In other words, it's good, a couple dishes are very good, but it's not likely to be the very best dim sum you have ever had.

        2. Yank Sing has consistently good dishes.

          Koi Palace is so-so. I once had deep fried crab claws that were so big the meat was still raw in the center of the thing -- I thought it was a one time mistake but a second go at it had the same rawness. I don't like oversized food (golf ball sized wontons, for example) and this is a reason why.

          There is a newish place Hong Kong Lounge II on Geary and Parker(? where the old Straits Cafe was) that served up pretty good dishes the one time I was there. The place is small though.

          The Kitchen in Millbrae was a serious disappointment. Their dumpling were all over steamed and "broken". This was over a weekend. I've had better on a weekday.