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Apr 10, 2012 12:27 PM

Dinner in Bococa area--Italian

Hi there,

We are going out for a "date night" tomorrow, and want to get perhaps Italian in the neighborhood. We are contemplating Brucie, which we've been to and liked, but are also considering Rucola. Then there's Frankie and Bocca Lupo. We would also do Red Hook.

Any thoughts on the best Italian in the neighborhood (which includes atmosphere)?


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  1. I have had several meals at Rucola and they have all been wonderful. My favorite restaurant in the area. I love the rustic decor and the service has always been friendly and helpful.

    The only caveats I have is that it is rather cramped (some might say cozy and convivial) and their menu selection is rather limited (actually a plus in my book).