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Apr 10, 2012 12:24 PM

Brunch for folks concerned with 'ambiance' in Asheville

My friend is graduating in May and her folks have requested a nice brunch place with 'ambiance' for graduation. Whatever that means. She said "not somewhere like Sunny Point, somewhere *nice.*" I put in my opinion that the best brunch places aren't necessarily the fanciest, but her folks seem really set on that idea. Although they've nixed the Grove Park. While I've never had it, I've heard Limones has great brunch. They also have considered Corner Kitchen.

Any solutions to this or recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. Wow. the first part of your post was screaming GROVE PARK!! about Curate? the Southern? (because of that awesome says brunch at noon on sun)

    1. I think Corner Kitchen or Limones would be excellent. Fig or Table would also be a nice, elegant atmosphere. We loved brunch at The Junction recently but it is very casual and may not offer the vibe you're seeking. Oh! And the new Italian place downtown, Strada, has brunch I believe. That would also be a good choice.

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        Posana is *nice*. Also, I second Limones, but get there closer to opening at 10 for the quieter part of brunch. Part of the ambiance issue for this person could be dislike of crowds/hecticness/noise.

        1. re: jorgeanchovy

          Oh yes, I forgot about Posana. It is very good also and has a lovely ambiance. That reminds me...I need to go back there soon!

      2. I agree with Posana. Lovely space, with an option to sit outside. Very good food.

        1. I vote Posana - great location downtown and if the weather's nice you can sit outside. 2nd choice would be Corner Kitchen and then Limones (no outside - and can get rather noisy)