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Apr 10, 2012 12:13 PM

Review: An Economist Gets Lunch

The review is entertaining, but the book, may be not so much....

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  1. Thanks for posting the link. I enjoyed the review and somehow missed it in my daily skim of the paper. After that lampooning, I doubt I'll pay for the book, but I kinda want to read through it for laughs.

    As an aside, I couldn't help but note the sentence: "like watching a middle-aged man in a blue blazer play Hacky Sack at a My Morning Jacket concert." There was a Family Guy episode that I must assume it was a veiled reference to?

    1. What’s cognitively dissonant about “An Economist Gets Lunch” is that Mr. Cowen combines this needling with his own brand of chowhound hipsterism. His book is also a long, Calvin Trillin-like ode to tamale stands and strip-mall joints and ethnic food, the more exotic the better.
      Another "chowhound reference" sighting, too. We're keeping track for the CH trivia game!

      1. Deep down there’s nothing foodies loathe more than other foodies.
        bonus points for this line.

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