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Apr 10, 2012 11:29 AM

Shrimp Season is early

I lucked up. My shrimper friend called and said he went out with the DNR yesterday. He asked if I wanted to buy any. No kidding!

So I picked up, brought 'em home, now I'm working on them.

The season will officially start by the end of the month.

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  1. don't work too hard.;-)

    I hope that means a great prosperous year for the shrimpers.

    My uncles (and a lot of others ) just lost the whole peach crop to hail that covered a swath in northern g'ville and spartanburg counties and heading toward Chesnee. And now frost warnings for Wed night. It's rough when your living is dependent on nature.

    1. Boo about the crop. Peaches are my favorite fruit.

      I discussed the nature of the work with Tommy. There's a nice article about him in "Palate" magazine. Have you seen it?

      I think you'll like it. When you come down, let me know if you want shrimp right off the boat. I can say, without hesitation, they are so sweet!

      1. Seeing your bag of Carolina shrimp makes me giddy... there's nothing finer. What'd you do with 'em tonight?

        Danna, sorry to hear about your uncles' crops. I have nothing but respect for farmers, who roll the dice and gamble against mother nature every season. They are far more daring than I could ever be.

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        1. re: lynnlato

          I know right? Nothing but respect.

          I made a huge shrimp salad with sesame oil, garlic and cilantro. Yay. The rest went into the freezer.

          1. re: Sue in Mt P

            wow, sounds great! Did you let the shrimp cool first before dressing them?

            How much are shrimp going for a pound (more or less)? We should start a little business. You meet me and lynn in Columbia and we'll drive 'em the rest of the way to Charlotte and G'ville. I wonder what the market would bear for shrimp that gorgeous if people knew they came off the dock that morning. I drive fast.

            1. re: danna

              Yes, I let them cool first.

              These were cheap. I hate to quote a price, since it could change. But it might work. I too drive fast.

              1. re: danna

                I'm down! And I've got the speeding tickets to prove just how fast I drive. Oy.

                I may have to find some to bring back to my kids. If they knew I could get them some off-the-boat Carolina shrimp and didn't, well let's just say they wouldn't be happy.

                1. re: danna

                  The Shrimp Man at the Kings Dr. market has the freshest shrimp I've found in Charlotte. They come from Carolina Beach. They're not cheap but you don't have to drive 4 hours to get them.

                  He also sometimes has great flounder, amongst other fish.

                  1. re: billyjack

                    well....3 hours for some of us ;-)

                    1. re: billyjack

                      I assume that was meant for me. :) And it's good to know! Thanks!