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Apr 10, 2012 11:20 AM

EMP - how often does the (tasting) menu change?

How often does EMP change its tasting menu? Do the "single ingredient" dishes on the main menu change at the same frequency? We went in January and enjoyed but weren't overwhelmed by the tasting menu, but we're lucky enough to be going again with guests in the next few weeks. If we order the tasting menu, will it be largely the same New York-themed "big apple and black and white cookie" menu or have they moved on to something more spring-like? We're trying to decide whether to spend the big bucks again on the tasting menu or go with the four course approach. Given the price tag, I don't want to repeat the tasting menu if it's more or less the same thing.

Also, we're about to start the fun of trying to make reservations. Is the lunch tasting menu the same as the dinner tasting menu (only less expensive because it's lunch)? Is it fewer courses? They still do lunch only during the week, right? I think we'll try for dinner but lunch may end up working better.


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  1. Some of the amuses, etc, will be the same - they're still working the NYC theme. A few of them will change, I'm sure. I've heard they've put away the clambake for the season and have replaced it with a smoked fish & caviar course of some kind. And the regular-menu items will most likely be different - not much that was in season in January is still now. Some of the main proteins might be the same, but in different preparations.

    If you were to email them in advance and tell them you were there in Jan, had the tasting, and what main menu courses you had, they'd be happy to alter/sub any that would be repeats for you, I'm sure.

    I've heard that the lunch tasting is now identical, in number of courses and even in portion size, to the dinner one, but I haven't actually tried it. You can always call and ask.