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Apr 10, 2012 11:09 AM

Mid-Priced unique spots in Boston + Cambridge + Allston??

Looking for 3-4 restaurants for lunch and dinner for the weekend.

Game, fatty meats, anything unique would be appreciated. Maybe some gastropubs?

I'm only familiar with Boston's fine dining, some favorites being Bondir and L'espalier, but I'm now looking for more affordable options, but still high in quality and imagination.

Extensive beer menus are also appreciated, but not a necessity as food is the priority!


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  1. oriental restaurants are always great for this category. How about chinatown? how about rod dee or other thai places? I think that these restaurants compare well with those in nyc.

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    1. re: cambridgedoctpr

      "oriental"? haven't heard that term used for food in a while ... (except for Oriental de Cuba).

      anyway, if we're talking about Asian foods, I believe the CH favorites are Jojo Taipei, Blue Asia, Bon Chon, and Shanghai Gate. if you're eating with a few others, I'd suggest trying the gamja tang (a pork bone stew). there are a few dishes at MyungDong that I'd suggest trying: cheese lokbokghi, cheese ramen, or the seafood cheese ddok bokghi. (see a trend?)

      1. re: tammyh

        I think to say that "the CH favorites" are the ones you listed is a very incomplete list and doesn't do justice to all the other Asian restaurants which other hounds may think of as "their" favorites. Perhaps better to say that these are *a few* of the board favorites, or *your* favorites? (Not that I dislike any of the restaurants you mention, quite the contrary)

        1. re: barleywino

          uhh, sure. substitute "the" for "a few of the." I know it's an incomplete list, and no, these are not necessarily my own favorites. just places that I hear repeated a lot in high praise here.

      2. re: cambridgedoctpr

        An excellent meal at a very reasonable price is Seven Courses/Styles of Beef at Pho Hoa in Chinatown. About $30 will get you a feast for two that can't be beat. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy it. They have a liquor license as well.

      3. Deep Ellum in the gastropub category...also since you ask for fatty meats, the pigs head at Craigie

        1. Russell House Tavern perhaps?

          IMHO there's not a lot of overlap between excellent food and excellent beer in this city.

          1. Lord Hobo definitely would be a good option in the gastropub category. Probably the best beer list in the city along with Deep Ellum.

            Some of our other favorite mid priced options that might fit what you're looking for are places like Bergamot, Toro, Coppa, Rendezvous, Area Four and the Salty Pig,

            1. Imagination in Boston? Good luck. I'd recommend Strip T's for food. It's not in the locations you mentioned, but is quite close to Cambridge and Brighton. Their beer list is not extensive but it's ok and has a few local gems.