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Apr 10, 2012 11:02 AM

Help deciding on one of these restaurants

We will be a party of 4 with one of them being an out of town friend who doesn't like small plates and out of the box creativity with food. If it wasn't for that, I would have chosen Ink, my current favorite LA restaurant. Price is not a concern.

I've narrowed it down to these, some of which may conflict with the out of towner's preference. This is from my personal list of restaurants to try that I've never put too much effort in crossing off my list but I feel I should try at some point in my life if it's convenient, and this might be one of those convenient times. If a few of you who have been to any of these could help me narrow it down further based on the out of towner, I'd appreciate it.

Providence - I'm really hoping this one will work based on others' knowledge about their plates.

Osteria Mozza

The Tasting Kitchen

Son of a Gun - I've been to Animal and thought the plates were pretty good size especially when you share a bunch of them.

Cut - I know for sure this one will be good for the out of towner.

No need to suggest alternatives since my secondary goal is to go somewhere that I've never been but have wanted to try. Thanks!

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  1. Were it just you, I would pretty much go with the order in which you listed the restaurants (though I would personally flip positions on Tasting Kitchen and Son of A Gun); however, in light of your out-of-towner's preferences, the order I would suggest would be O. Mozza, Cut, Tasting Kitchen, Providence (out-of-the-box creativity) and Son of A Gun (mostly small plates--some literally a bite or two). If you can get your friend over the creativity hurdle, Providence is fantastic and well worth trying.

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      I agree with New Trial - the order you have is good. I'd given Son of Gun and Tasting Kitchen a tie - the Tasting Kitchen is a more upscale venue. Both in cool neighborhoods -though I might give Kitchen a slight edge.

    2. The tasting menu meal at Providence is the best meal i've ever had in Los Angeles.
      I am also a big fan of Osteria Mozza and their wonderful mozzarella bar.