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Apr 10, 2012 11:01 AM

Point Loma for lunch this Saturday

Will be meeting two other middle aged women for lunch on Saturday at about 1. Any place you would recommend--calm rather than noisy would be nice. Not too expensive would be great. Thanks.

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  1. Bali Hai in Shelter Island..
    Tender Greens in Liberty Station.

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    1. Joao's in Liberty Station may work.

        1. The upstairs deck at the newly renovated Point Loma Seafood is very pleasant. The food has always been good but now the seating is more extensive and the setting much nicer.

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            I didn't go upstairs but did pick up lunch today, The new building is definitely much nicer and they now accept credit cards.

            Another idea is Con Pane at Liberty Sation.

          2. When I saw the Bali Hai I laughed, but looking at the website it might not be a bad choice since it does take reservations. There are some serious subjects to be discussed so maybe we can get a great table with a view and a little privacy...also easier to talk in a less hectic place. But is the food really good cause I don't want them to think I'm playing a practical joke? Thanks

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              After a couple of mai-tais, you won't care how good the food is.

              The food is pretty good, not really good. But it's a great spot with plenty of parking.

              1. re: bizzwriter

                I would love to drink mai-tais all afternoon, but not with these two....I will be the only one not driving. I made a rez and got a table by the window so hope that will work....iced tea for the rest of them!

                1. re: escondido123

                  Those mai tais are wicked strong...I always ask for a guava splash..
                  Report back and have a great time!

                  1. re: Beach Chick

                    Reporting back on lunch at Bali Hai. First, the space is light and airy, the views amazing. All the tables at the window were occupied, the rest of the place was empty. Our server was very nice though it was difficult to wave her down when we needed assistance. My companions ordered sandwiches with onion rings. The smoked turkey club was good as was the seared tuna "burger", the tempura-style onion rings were phenomenally good. I ordered the hot and sour tamarind soup with shrimp and scallops (I had them hold the cilantro)--the flavor was decent but it was bordering on cool. (My companions were eating so decided not to make a fuss about it.) I paired that with the hoisin beef skewers with jalapeno and pineapple salsa served with butter lettuce cups. The lettuce was so bruised and limp it couldn't be eaten, so I flagged down the server for new...which she brought promptly with an apology. The beef was excellent--tender and nicely grilled--and the salsa had a wonderful kick...I really enjoyed this dish and would love to have it again. When the check came the server asked how the meal was, knowing the problem with the lettuce, but I told her the beef was great, the soup not hot--she took it off the bill. No mai tais, but the iced tea was good and glasses refilled. All in all, a decent meal and would be delighted to have the beef and the onion rings again.