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Apr 10, 2012 10:48 AM

Captain D's Seafood Restaurant

Today I had lunch at Captain D's. I ordered the Lobster Bacon Alfredo. It looked good in the picture.

When it arrived it was a pile of thinly chopped pink meat covering noodles and sauce. Honestly, it looked like cat food.

I tasted it and found the serving to be hot on the outside and cold on the inside. I left the food on the table and had lunch elsewhere.

I don't find mention of the Lobster Bacon Alfredo on the Captain D's website. It might be something they're testing in a few stores.

I feel like the victim of an experiment gone bad.

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  1. I know people who absolutely despise Captain D's. Where I am, they have quite a following among Seniors, but that seems to be about it. Yours seemed to be a bad location experience, though, with the food temperature being so varied. At least, I hope it was.

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      They used to make a decent fish and chips many, many, years ago. Went there three or four years past and it was not very good. I think 20-30 years ago nice cod was available for cheap, not anymore.

      I would imagine a dish like "lobster alfredo" there to be similar to eating a frozen dinner from the grocery. Guess they didn't nuke it enough.

      The Seniors do love it to judge by the one nearest to me.

    2. Captain D's was once a value leader. Today I think they are quite expensive for what you get. In the last five years they have become a lousy value.

      A meal consisting of two VERY thin fish filets, slaw, not that many fries, and two hush puppies plus drink is about $8 here in Dayton.

      Captain D's is the kind of chain that is REALLY pushing the envelope when they deviate from their trademark deep fried crap. I don't even trust their grilled fish+rice entrees. Lobster Alfredo at Captain D's, you gotta be *kidding*...

      They've always been mediocre but trustworthy for simple fried food. Now they aren't really a good deal either.

      1. I knew our Captain D's was doomed when we waited 30 minutes one evening for a to-go order of two orders of fish and chips. It was a pretty slow night at the restaurant and I can't even guess as to what was going on in the kitchen to cause that kind of delay with the food coming out. They shut down a couple of months after that.