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New Pizza Place Coming to NW Calgary/Royal Oak

Stopped by Taste of Saigon in the Royal Oak Shopping Center on Thursday night for some takeout and noticed a sign a couple of doors down for a new place being built. I believe it was called Rock Wood Fired Pizza and Spirits. Windows were not covered up, so I took a peek, lots of brick in the dining room and I noticed 2 garage doors on the side leading to what looks like a patio.

Found a website, logo looks the same so I am assuming it is the same franchise. Looks like they are out of the US with locations in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, plus one location in Red Deer. Anyone tried these guys before? Always nice to see more options coming in to the NW.


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  1. On their website it shows the Royal Oak location under 'Coming Soon' but no date.

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      Thanks beggsy, I missed that. From what I saw, it looks like there is still quite a bit of work to be done in there before opening day.

    2. Ooohhh! Sounds great! I am craving good pizza for years! Please let that be good! Great location for where we live too.

      1. Looks promising- lots of vegetarian options AND sugary cocktails served in buckets!

        1. Awesome, another franchise. (sarcasm)
          However, I have eaten my words.. Both Mucho Burrito and 5 Guys completely exceed the "Franchise" label, so let's hope this place does as well!

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              Actually, I drove by yesterday. Still a construction site. They built a patio though. Doesn't look like they are going to open for a while unfortunately.

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                i can't believe how long they are taking. Smashburger the Wild Wing went in quick...

            2. Well I've been working in Red Deer for the past 3 months, and have to say The Rock is my favorite place to go out to here. The draught is all their own craft beer, they have a great menu (even beer battered chicken fingers.. pretty odd but strangely good as long as you don't expect breaded fingers), and I find the pizzas pretty damn good. They had one pizza called the Wild Hog which I believe had... Italian sausage, bacon, and pulled pork on it. It was amazing. And great wings too. I can't wait for them to open a place in Calgary, even though its quite a drive from my place downtown, I'll definitely go a few times when I'm in the area. Don't make a drive from Calgary to RD just to try it, but if you're up here give it a shot definitely.

              1. It's finally open. I'll try to go there this weekend.

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                  In decent weather this is walking distance from my house... looking forward to staggering home after vegetarian pizzas and buckets o' cocktails!

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                    Well, that sounded like a great idea. $9.99

                    Best part was since the variety is so diverse there it allowed us to try many different types. Surprises in both directions. A few I liked that I would never have ordered and I did not like their chorizo looking sausage at all. Typically sausage would have been one I may have ordered.

                    Mrs Gut said similar things, "If you told me I'd like this one best, I wouldn't think so before I tried it." Sun dried tomato with chicken and pesto.

                    My only complaints were it was pretty loud and I did not like their micro brews.

                  2. My wife and I tried it last night. Got there around 6 and it was pretty busy, ended up waiting about 15 min for a table. They were nice enough to bring out some Rock Chips to snack on while we were waiting, but they were REALLY salty.

                    We got an order of popcorn shrimp to start. They were actually pretty large and in a nice crispy battered coating. They came with a sweet/spicy sauce, which was a nice compliment.

                    We decided to share a couple of small pizzas, I opted for the "Flirtin with Disaster" which came with sausage, chorizo, crushed garlic, chili flakes caramelized onions and mozzarella cheese. This one was excellent. The crust was very crispy with a nice chew and the toppings were tasty, especially the caramelized onions. The sauce was pretty chunky and not overpowering.

                    My wife chose the Harvest Moon, which came with Proscuttio, capers garlic, fresh basil and mozzarella. We were not a fan of this one, and found it to be a bit bland. Think this was mainly due to the fact that there is no sauce on this one, I believe that it is only brusched with oil and then the toppings put on. Mainly our fault for not reading the menu closely enough. I also thought that it could have used a little more time in the oven as the crust was not as good as on the other pizza.

                    Our server did recommend the "Bad to the Bone", but we werent adventerous enough to try one of their cream sauce pizzas last night. Maybe next time.

                    Our server was good, with our appie and pizzas coming out pretty quickly. Nice dining room with TV's all over the place, I am guessing the lounge would have lots of TV's too.
                    All in all I think it is a pretty good addition to the area, and we will definately go back to try some of their other pizzas.

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                      we also went last night. 4 of us. There were only a few people in the dining room but the lounge area was busy. We had to ask for a drink refill 3 times the servers were all sitting at a table behind us yapping and gabbing. We all ordered individual pizza's. All from the red sauce menu. Red sauce is more stewed tomatoes from a can. Meaty, Beasty, Big & Bouncy, Crazy Train, Classic Rock and Flirtin’ With Disaster lets just say we won't be back soon. Calgary lacks outstanding pizza. I had high hopes. Nobody even ate the leftovers today.

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                        I went on Sunday afternoon, tried to get in on Friday night but it was way too busy.

                        Not sure where you're getting your criticisms from, we ordered the Californian (or something). It's a pizza with white sauce since my wife is having some health issues recently with acidic foods. It was really quite good. Crust was moist but not soggy, all the toppings were flavourful.

                        One of the girls had a kid's cheese pizza, I'm not sure why you think the red sauce was "stewed tomatoes", it was quite good and, critically, not overapplied like so many other places do.

                        Prices were extremely reasonable. We also had a starter salad which was nothing special but it was only $3.49.

                        It was totally full when we went, servers were prompt and food came out quickly. No complaints. Also the waiters were not wearing high heels, so again, another curious complaint.


                    2. This place has come and gone...as in permanently closed.