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Apr 10, 2012 09:24 AM

Chicken Soup Recipe- KOSHER

Hi I am looking for a kosher for passover chicken soup recipe with matzah balls .

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  1. I don't know anything that would make a chicken soup recipe inherently not kosher for passover. I would just do a google search. Basically, chicken soup is put chicken and veggies in a pot of water, bring to a boil, then simmer until desired strength. More dark meat and skin gives more flavor (and fat). Adjust salt at the end. Veggies are usually onions, carrots and celery. Dill is traditionally as well.

    As for matzah balls, again either google, or streit's matzah meal has a recipe for matzah balls (and I would think most boxes of matzah meal would too). Also, you can just buy K for P matzah ball mix, which is matzah meal, salt and either baking soda or powder (I forgot which).

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      I've been making it with theJamie Oliver twist(?), adding a couple pounds of wings browned in a skillet to the pot. Deepens the flavor.

    2. Here's how I make it:

      Chicken Soup with Matzah Balls

      whole chicken, cut up
      onion, quartered
      fresh dill and parsley
      salt (to taste, but at least a couple of tablespoons of kosher salt . . . less if using regular)
      pepper, freshly ground (to taste)

      Cut all vegetables into appropriate sized pieces. Cover chicken with water in pot. Bring to a boil and skim foam. Add vegetables (put dill and parsley in a cheesecloth sack to keep less messy & avoid bug issues), salt, and pepper, and cook ‘til done.

      Matzah balls:
      1/2 c. matzah meal
      2 eggs
      2 T. oil

      Put all ingredients in a bowl and leave in fridge 15 minutes. Wet hands before making balls. Boil in water. (Makes about 15)

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        how much of the vegetables? amounts please?

        1. re: pesachhotel

          There are no set proportions, it's whatever you want to use. With the exception of the onion, which is best left whole and unpeeled, use the proportions that you'd like to see in your finished soup.

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            What Ferret said. I myself use one leek, two-four potatoes, two parsnips, two carrots, two stalks of celery, two zucchinis, one onion (I cut it in quarters), and a half bunch each of parsley and dill. I then throw in a small handful of kosher salt and 50-100 turns of my pepper mill (we like it very peppery!). This is all in a very large pot--8 quarts at the minimum, but sometimes as large as a 12 quart pot. Obviously in a smaller pot, scale down the veggies and the salt and pepper.

      2. The "secret" to great chicken soup is collagen and strong chicken flavor. The old tough chickens of yore don't exist anymore so I use lots of wings and if I can find it, chicken feet. (very tough find in the kosher world) I also use veal or beef soup bones that when you boil them the stuff attached is clear (That's the collagen). It transforms the soup from boiled water into a soup with body and substance. Around me they just label the bones as soup bones. I'm sure some devoted chowhounder out there knows where the cut come from! The other ingredient I like to use is parsley root. I put in celery (include the leaves) and onions. Other vegetables are a personal choice. I cheat when it comes to the matzo ball and use the mix. The baking powder in it makes it a no fail option.

        1. I use only skinless chicken thighs but I use turkey necks as well. Sometime I add a strip of flanken also. As for vegtables, jn an 8qt pot I use 3 loose carrots, 4 celery stalks, 2 smallish parsnips, 1 big onion whole, 2 big zuchinni, and 1 celery knob (root). I skim all the scum on a low boil then I will add salt pepper and some consomme. I feel the consomme really adds depth that uou cant get with meat and vegetable. I always make my knaidlach from a mix because thats fail proof.