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Apr 10, 2012 09:18 AM

Garcia's vs La Camaronera

I'm heading down south for a conference and will be in Coral Gables this weekend. I have my few spots that I like to return to but have never been to Garcia's on the river and just heard of La Camaronera. I noticed that they are both owned by Garcia's. Same family or just common name?

I'd like to hit either one for a late lunch as we drive in.

Which one do Hounds like better? The standing and eating at La Camaronera is different and may need to stretch my legs after a long drive but which has the better seafood?


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  1. Same family, both good.

    Pretty much everything at La Camaronera is fried except the fish soup, my favorites are the black-eyed pea fritters and the minuta sandwich (best fried fish sandwich I've had anywhere). It is, as you note, stand-up only, not really a place to hang out.

    Garcia's is maybe a slightly broader selection, with more fish available grilled rather than fried, and I like their grilled dolphin sandwich almost as much as I like the fried minuta at La Camaronera. It is a place where you can sit down, including outdoor space on the Miami River.

    Choice really depends what you're looking for, don't think I could say one is better than the other.

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    1. re: Frodnesor

      Thanks and nice blog by the way. I was reading it today and have it saved for future use.

      Garcia's didn't have a menu available on their website. The prices for La Camaronera were unbelievable. I'd be hard press to make a fried yellow tail sandwich for $5

      1. re: scubadoo97

        When you see the neighborhood, the strip mall, and the interior, you'll understand the price point. I too love exactly what Frod orders, but don't expect glamour.

        1. re: taiga

          I don't need no stinking glamor :-)). Good food done right at a good price is what I crave.

          1. re: scubadoo97

            La Camaronera will test this. I can rarely find people to join me there.

            1. re: taiga

              What I'm not crazy about is waiting in line. This could be my issue and one which could try my patients.

              1. re: scubadoo97

                It's quick. BTW, Miami's got all kinds of cool joints like this. El Palacio de los Jugos, Happy Wine, La Sandwicherie, all these frita places, El Morro Castle. It goes on and on. Some like La Moon have even gone upscale/mainstream.

                1. re: taiga

                  Got in today as the sky opened up and poured so stopped ar Garcia's. Boy does their parking suck. Wifie got a dolphin sandwich and I opted for a shrimp sandwich. 4 shrimp for $10 does not make a great impression. Have no urgent desire to return although the fish in in the case down stairs looked great. What I could do with that!

                  Looking for a lite bite later tonight within walking of the Westin Colonnade. Maybe Confradia for some cebeche or some sushi around the corner.

                  Thinking of meeting friends at Pubbelly tomorrow night. I know they don't take reservations for small parties and not sure what the wait would be for a new trendy SOBE restaurant. Most likely more than i care to wait

      2. Expanding...

        "[La Camaronera] Owner David Garcia, whose family has run the Flagler Street fish institution for nearly 40 years, said the restaurant has taken over an adjoining space and will be busting through the wall late Tuesday night."

        1. La Camaronera will appear on Unique Eats tonight.

          Cooking Channel, 9PM.

          Some other places as well, possibly My Ceviche, Eating House, Yardbird and PB depending on what made the cut.