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Apr 10, 2012 09:11 AM

Fresh fish

Aside from Waldman's on St-Laurent, where is there to buy good quality fresh fish in the plateau area? Any suggestions?

I'll extend this to further south as well, st-henri/atwater market area, even the old port. I'll be passing by after work today and won't be able to make it before 6 (I think the market closes then?)

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  1. Close to the plateau:

    Poissonerie PA (Parc av.)
    Falero (Parc av.)

    Or there's a small portugese fish store on St-Urbain (corner villeneuve); I've been there maybe 4, 5 times in the last few years, no fault, but I always forget to go there when I want fish.

    Or further up to JTM (couple of places there).


    1. If you're willing to go into Mile-End there's S. Miguel on St-Urbain and Nouveau Falero on Parc.

      1. Or if you are willing to go 5-10 minutes drive east, La Mer on Papineau @ Rene Levesque

        1. G&D supermarket in the basement of the Swatow building, Chinatown, has a good fish section and inexpensive to boot. They're open pretty late, 9:00 I think.

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            Thank you everyone for your suggestions! Made it out to Poissonnerie PA & they were super helpful!

          2. The original comment has been removed