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Apr 10, 2012 08:45 AM

Need restaurant near University and 10th St.

I need a restaurant near University and 10th because parking is easy there at 6:00. It also has to be handicapped accessible. Thanks

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  1. What kind of food, what price range, lunch or dinner, this info is necessary as there are over 100 restaurants near there.

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    1. re: foodwhisperer

      Dinner, up to $40 a person. The most important thing is the parking. I know you can park at University Place between 9th and 11th after 6:00. I know Gotham Bar is great; but that's on 12th St. and too far east.

      1. re: lenorel57

        12th and university. that's a block away

        1. re: lenorel57

          right there would be the new greek taverna which is just okay, knickerbocker pub style food and El Cantinero or saigon grill that's what is right there

          1. re: BLover33

            We may go to knickerbocker. Ate at el cantinero last month. Thanks and saigon grill has steps going up (I think)

          1. more info would be helpful as foodwhisperer stated as there are many places.
            Strip House - great steak
            Gotham Bar and Grill - expensive but great
            Stand burger - casual burger and salads
            Tortaria - casual mexican