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Apr 10, 2012 08:35 AM

Myers lemons...what should I bake

So I have purchased my first myer lemons, 5 in a bag.....what now....suggestions on how to use them and what to bake with them??????????

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  1. Pie, bars, poundcake, curd...

    1. We enjoyed this Meyer Lemon Tea Cake. Not a very sweet cake if that appeals:

      1. If you want something savory, Suzanne Goin's Meyer lemon-olive salsa is delicious:

        1. I made Swedish Lemon Squares recently, using meyer lemon juice instead of regular. They were pronounced not lemony enough by my family! I thnk they missed the tart pucker of regular lemons. I'd save the meyers for a prep where they are used fresh rather than cooked, that relish cited above, or a lovely vinaigrette.

          1. Do you want to limit yourself to baking? Because you can make some mighty fine adult beverages with 'em as well as a delicious Meyer lemon vinaigrette.

            THE GOLD RUSH

            ETA: I've made a variation on this dressing that I've been enjoying A LOT lately!

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              I'm open to other uses for these lemons, I just thought the big thing to do with Meyer lemons was to bake.....all suggestions welcome...thank's chowhounders!!