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Apr 10, 2012 08:09 AM

Upscale in Virginia Beach

What is the best steakhouse in Virginia Beach? Two years ago tried One Fish, Two Fish and it was good then, is it still good?
Son has food allergies to sesame and tree nuts, so kitchen has to know their ingredients and make
things from scratch....


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  1. By upscale do you mean only upscale steakhouses? The best ones in the area aren't in Virginia Beach. I recommend you try the Norfolk Chop House in the Ghent region of Norfolk or River Stone Chop House out in Suffolk..

    1. Best steak closest to Atlantic Ave (near Convention Center). Also any other upscale in the area. Prefer not to go all the way to Norfolk....Thanks

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        Try Zoe's on 19th Street. Fairly close to the beach.

      2. When I think of upscale in Virginia Beach, I think of Steinhilber's, but I think they focus on seafood. There is a Ruth's Cris Steak House at town center in Virginia Beach. There is a Shula's Steak House and Kincaid's chop house in downtown Norfolk.

        1. A lot of my friends from home rave about Prime 103 Steakhouse in VA Beach -- but it's owned by a guy that we all graduated from high school with, so that may have something to do with it. It is fairly new, but has gotten some decent reviews in local papers.

          If you're willing to go over to Newport News, Schlesingers in the Port Warwick shopping center is one of my favorites when I'm home.

          I'd think either of these places would be able to accommodate the allergy issue, especially if you called ahead.

          1. Haven't lived there in a while. That said Aldo's is close to the ocean front and does a good steak and great upscale Italian. There is a Ruth's Chris at VB Town Center. A chain obviously, butsteaks are their thing and I have never had a bad one at any of their locations.