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Apr 10, 2012 08:08 AM

Going to St John and Halifax on Disney cruise in June

We are going taking my 7 yr old daughter on the tugboat tour but then have until 5:30 to explore Halifax- I was wondering since we really only have time for lunch- where we should go for lunch- would love seafood and lobster. Not sure if we will take the Pink Bus tour or just walk.

St. John we are going on the Tea party tour at the gardens which takes up majority of the day but is there someplace that we must see?

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  1. I was in Halifax last summer and had a good lobster dinner at Five Fishermen. Check it out.

    In St John's, when you say 'some place we must see', are you looking for just food suggestions or tourist sites? It's my hometown and i used to work at one of the city's most popular attractions so I can help!

    Where are you coming from?

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      This is great thanks. We are coming from NY (Disney''s first voyage to Canada from NY)- The daytrip we booked with Disney is for a tea at the gardens in St John's which I think will be taking up the majority of the day we have there but Halifax we booked the Theodore the Tugboat and that's it which is finished at 10 so we have until 5:30 in Halifax- I was really looking for a good lunch spot and places we can walk around to - we will look into Five Fishermen- good to know. thankjs- any recommendations for the short limited time would be great

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        St. John's: I'm not familiar with a tea party at the gardens... do you know that name of the gardens?

        A few neat little trips within walking distance from the St. John's harbour (where your cruise ship will dock) include walking up and down Duckworth & Water Street to check out the shops (especially The Tickle Trunk, Downhome, Newfoundland Weavery and Fat Nanny's... buy some bread or raisin tea buns here... the best!), eating fish and chips from Ziggy Peelgoods (a stationary food truck parked on Water Street), though you must get them topped with "dressing" & gravy. Dressing = stuffing, like Thanksgiving turkey stuffing. Stop for a coffee and an amazing chocolate dipped oat cookie at Hava Java. Buy a locally designed t-shirt at Living Planet.

        If you have a car or want to take a taxi, you are very close to Signal Hill. At the top of the hill is Cabot Tower, the site where the first transAtlantic signal was received in 1901. The views from here are totally amazing. Dependoing on the season, you may see an iceberg or a whale in the ocean below! If you have time, you can walk on a trail from the top of Signal Hill into The Battery, a small former fishing village where the houses are built into the cliffs. It's beautiful. If you don't have the time for a hike, take a cab back down but stop at the Geocentre. It's a geological museum with great interactive displays for kids. 2/3s of the building is underground so you can see the rocks of Signal Hill. I used to work at the Geocentre and Cabot Tower, btw. They are world class sites for tourists.

        Halifax: it's really nice to walk up and down the waterfront (which is where you'll go to catch Thomas the Tugboat. At the end, there's a great farmer's market (Seaport FM, I believe it's called). Lots of see there, depending on which day of the week you are visiting. Along the boardwalk, there were a lot of shops, including a cool candy/ice cream shop called Sugah. You could also tour the Alexander Keith's Brewery. Yes, even with a 7 year old! The tour is about an hour long and it's really nice to see the historic brewery. It's very theatrical, animated and the crew sings traditional Irish songs in the end.. Kids get lemonade & iced tea at the end instead of beer. I'd recommend going even if you don't like beer. It's quaint.

        Besides Five Fishermen, I don't have any specific recommendations for lunch (I ate there at dinnertime.. Lobster!) but any kid (or my 35 year old husband) would get a kick out of Beavertails. They're a flat piece of fried dough covered in icing and candy. They have a booth on the waterfront as well. Very Canadian!

        That's all I can think of right now. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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          I just found the description of the tea party from Disney for St John's NB
          Travel to St. Andrews By-the-Sea and discover the award-winning Kingsbrae Garden, where you'll join Disney Characters in a Garden Tea Party! its supposed to be the Alice and Wonderland teaparty. that brewery tour in Halfax wonderful in fact I just mentioned them to my 78 yr old mom who's coming and now we're so excited- we'd rather hear from the locals what to do the do strictly tourist driven. thank you so much I am definetly printing these suggestions and bringing them with us.

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            Ok so you are not going to St. John's, Newfoundland but rather Saint John, New Brunswick. You'll still have fun (though NB is not as cool as NL!) ;)

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              My favourite Beavertail is the Killaloe (sp?) Sunrise, which has butter, cinnamon sugar and lemon juice. It's my kids' favourite too.

      2. Are you going to St. John's, Newfoundland, or Saint John, News Brunswick? They are two different cities in two provinces. I thought Disney cruises stop at Saint John, NB.

        If you are going to St. John's, NL, then definitely go to Signal Hill if you have time.

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          I was going to ask the same question but didn't think cruise ships would to Saint John, NB!

        2. For Halifax, I really love the fish and chips at The Battered Fish, which is a stand on the boardwalk near where you will board Theodore the Tugboat. It will be between the pier where the ship docks and Theodore. If you are looking for full service, there are lots of great spots, but I would avoid Waterfront Warehouse and Murphy's.

          The Discovery Centre is a big hit with kids. It's just up the hill from where Theodore docks.

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            I just checked with Disney it is definetly St John NB ad the tea party is Travel to St. Andrews By-the-Sea and discover the award-winning Kingsbrae Garden, where you'll join Disney Characters in a Garden Tea Party

          2. I was thinking, and don't know that the pink bs tour would be great for a 7 year old. If you want to do a tour on land, you might do the Harbour Hopper, which does land and a bit of water. I know yore doing a big water tour on Theodore, but they are In different areas and the water part of the Harbour Hopper isn't very long. My kids LOVE the Theodore your, FYI.

            I will post again after I ask my son their favourite spots downtown. They have pretty go taste :)

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