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Apr 10, 2012 07:25 AM

Pensacola food favorites?

Will be in Pensacola for a week (or so) coming up and would love to hear about your favorites eats list and new noshing. Thanks for the help!

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  1. Thanks for all of the foodie info!

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      Just saw this post. Not many requests for Pcola info..anyways..any specifics type of food/price ranges you looking for?
      Jacksons is my favorite for fine dining. Global Grill is hit or miss...service has been very poor for me in the past. I do not endorse the Fish House/Atlas oyster.
      If you can give more info like I said above of part of town ie .downtown or beach, I can be more specific. Have is really nice today :)

    2. Peg Leg Petes in Pensacola Beach is a fun place. Not fancy or gourmet but a fun beachy place.

      1. Thanks all! Had a great visit! Since staying on the Ft Picken's end of the beach, we could amble across the road to Peg Leg Pete's- alot of fun!
        Most of the time we just purchased seafood at Joe Patti's. Since having kitchen facilities, we'd nosh it down by the beach.
        Excellent Pho(s) at Tu-Do Vietnamese in Pensacola (N.DavisHwy) huge bowls w/ an extra huge bowl of limes, bean sprouts, cilantro and jalapenos!
        Love Pensacola!