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Apr 10, 2012 06:42 AM

Sunday Brunch @ NaBrasa, Buona Via or William Penn Inn?

Thinking of taking my sister to Sunday Brunch for her birthday. Where should we go? NaBrasa, Buona Via or William Penn Inn? Pros/Cons of each?

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  1. I have only been to William Penn in, so I will speak to that and look forward to reviews of the others. WPI has an extensive selection - fresh made omelets, cheeses and fruits, varieties of baked goods, roasts for slicing, fresh waffles, several breakfast meats, etc. The quality is very good. There is a full bar so you can get bloody mary's, mimosas, etc if you want. This place can handle a large crowd if you need it too. The atmosphere and decor are very traditional. Overall, not cheap but good quality, variety and consistency.

    1. Also have not been to or heard of your first two noted choices. I concur with all of truffles2 observations and opinions.

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        I've been to NaBrasa, but for dinner. Didn't know they did brunch.

      2. I think that the William Penn Inn is one of the best brunches in the burbs. The selection is terrific everything from smoked salmon to baked ham, waffles and eggs cooked to order.

        1. I've been to na'Brasa for brunch about six times and the William Penn Inn for brunch at least two dozen times over the years. I also concur with all that has been said about the Inn. The selection is huge and the quality is very good. The pastries are especially fresh and tempting. They may be made on the premises, I don't really know. It does serve a lot of people and although not quite a crunch, it is very busy and is not suitable for a quiet, intimate brunch, if this is what you had in mind. Also, I have heard that the selection is diminished and not quite as fresh during the last half-hour of brunch. My daughter and her boyfriend remarked upon this when they were there about a month ago.
          Brunch at na'Brasa is also busy, but less so. The buffet is not very extensive and I would describe it as a condensed version if that at the Inn. However, they do offer four or five types of sausages, as well as ham and a wonderful grilled pineapple which are served rodizio style, with the servers coming to the table. They also have stations offering the usual omelets, waffles , etc. The last time I was there (I think it was New Year's Day), they had a special station devoted to making eggs benedict where the lady actually poached the eggs right there before serving them. Needless to say, I went back several times.
          If you're interested in something quieter and not a buffet, I was at Parc Bistro in Skippack on Easter Sunday and it was very good. I also had brunch at Mica in Chestnut Hill a few months ago and it was very enjoyable, although not a buffet. I'm sure that there a quite a few places in the area which would be suitable if you're interested in more than the three you mentioned.

          1. Thank you for all of your suggestions. We ended up going to NaBrasa and had a fabulous time. They have a beautiful brunch buffet which includes a complimentary mimosa/bloody mary; pancake/waffle station; omelette/eggs benedict station; pasta, fruit, cheeses, blintz, salads, soups, beef, chicken, bacon, chocolate fondue and beautiful pastries. Similar to dinner, they also had apple sausage, mango jalapeno sausage, ham, grilled pineapple and lamb served rodizio style. We had a wonderful breakfast. I highly recommend it!

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              Sounds great. What was the price point? Was it a flat fee per person?