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Restaurant suggestions near Trudeau airport?

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant (preferably Quebecois-style) near the airport? Or at least within a decent 20-30 minute drive radius? I have some friends flying in for an overnight stay on their way to the Caribbean and we don't have much time but would like to meet at a nice local place. I don't live in Montreal itself so not familiar.

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  1. Nothing really around the airport.

    1/2 drive, depending on the hour can get you to Joe Beef or maybe a bit further east to old montreal.

    Or maybe the new "Smoking Vallée" (BYOW) (4370 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest Montréal)


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      Thanks, that was what I was afraid of!!! I just don't want to have to drive them all the way back to Dorval and then back again to the south shore ;) Maybe we can work something out.

    2. I haven't been but I see groupons for this from time to time http://www.commechezsoi.com/ . it is on lakeshore in dorval - not too far from the airport.

      1. Le Gourmand in Pointe Claire village only 10 minutes from airport

        1. Try a "post title" search on "airport", there have been a number of posts about places near the airport in the past. You are really limiting yourself if it has to be Quebecois cuisine, although like Rhonda said there's Gourmand which I was thinking of too (on the pricier side).

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            Le Gourmand is a desperate choice.The prices are through the roof(priced like Chasse et Peche but with no real cooking acumen to back up the price.The food is basic last time I was there I had a small piece of Cod on a mound of Mashed Patatoes with a few veggies for well over $30.The wine list is overpriced and not innovative at all.The serve staff is surely and not helpful in the least.I would go to the Marriott before stepping a foot in Le Gourmand again.

          2. i might be too late, but i thought i would just mention that there are a lot of hidden gems near the airport in the west island, including amazing smoked meat at Deli-Bee, and montreal classic rotisserie chicken at cote-st-luc barbecue on sources. Do a search on west island restaurants and see what you find. It's definitely not the same as eating options downtown, but anything in Dorval, Pointe Claire, or lachine is within 20-30mins from the airport.

            1. Also not sure if I'm too late but if you don't mind doing non-Quebecois style restaurants near the airport, you have some real solid bets on Sources north of the 40 (so about 15 minutes from the airport). Search by name on the board for more info on each:

              Aryana - 4886-B Sources
              Bombay Choupati - 5011 Sources
              Carribean Tasty Treats - 4410 Sources
              Shahi Palace - 4773 Sources

              None of those spots have what I'd say is scintillating decor or ambiance - you'd be going for the food, plain and simple.

              If you want more of a "dining experience" from a mood standpoint, people on the boards will tend to say it's overpriced, but 40 Westt (2305 Sources) is an upscale steakhouse with quality aged beef and fresh seafood that *is* good but yes, expensive. Located behind it via the same parking lot is Towne Hall (50 Brunswick), which I kind of view as its kid brother - a bit more hit or miss and a bit more hip (younger crowd), but can be quite decent on a good night.

              Two final spots I hit regularly are Aikawa (55 Brunswick, on the east side of Sources vs. 40 Westt and Towne Hall, which are on the west side), which is one of the better sushi restos on the West Island (same owners as downtown's Sho-Dan), and Panama Grill, where you can get some pretty tasty grilled chicken and Greek dishes at a very fair price (11604 De Salaberry).

              Let us know where you end up!

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                How is Aryana? Have you been? I read some positive reviews and it sounded interesting.

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                  I keep meaning to try Aryana ever since Sarah Musgrave reviewed it but have not had the chance. I will try to make it this weekend.