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Apr 10, 2012 05:00 AM

Restaurant suggestions near Trudeau airport?

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant (preferably Quebecois-style) near the airport? Or at least within a decent 20-30 minute drive radius? I have some friends flying in for an overnight stay on their way to the Caribbean and we don't have much time but would like to meet at a nice local place. I don't live in Montreal itself so not familiar.

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  1. Nothing really around the airport.

    1/2 drive, depending on the hour can get you to Joe Beef or maybe a bit further east to old montreal.

    Or maybe the new "Smoking Vallée" (BYOW) (4370 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest Montréal)


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    1. re: Maximilien

      Thanks, that was what I was afraid of!!! I just don't want to have to drive them all the way back to Dorval and then back again to the south shore ;) Maybe we can work something out.

    2. I haven't been but I see groupons for this from time to time . it is on lakeshore in dorval - not too far from the airport.

      1. Le Gourmand in Pointe Claire village only 10 minutes from airport

        1. Try a "post title" search on "airport", there have been a number of posts about places near the airport in the past. You are really limiting yourself if it has to be Quebecois cuisine, although like Rhonda said there's Gourmand which I was thinking of too (on the pricier side).

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          1. re: ios94

            Le Gourmand is a desperate choice.The prices are through the roof(priced like Chasse et Peche but with no real cooking acumen to back up the price.The food is basic last time I was there I had a small piece of Cod on a mound of Mashed Patatoes with a few veggies for well over $30.The wine list is overpriced and not innovative at all.The serve staff is surely and not helpful in the least.I would go to the Marriott before stepping a foot in Le Gourmand again.

          2. i might be too late, but i thought i would just mention that there are a lot of hidden gems near the airport in the west island, including amazing smoked meat at Deli-Bee, and montreal classic rotisserie chicken at cote-st-luc barbecue on sources. Do a search on west island restaurants and see what you find. It's definitely not the same as eating options downtown, but anything in Dorval, Pointe Claire, or lachine is within 20-30mins from the airport.