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Apr 10, 2012 12:46 AM

Purple Taro at HMart?

does anyone know if hmart has it?what i found at Reliable was not ppl.Do Indian stores usually sell the pppl ones? thx much for your help.

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  1. While I don't know of any all purple taro, I've seen 2 kinds of taro. The more readily found common one has the purple veining and I believe the one from Jamaica? has the yellow veining. I have tried both and prefer the taste and texture to the purple vein taro which does cook up too be light purple.
    I was at HMart on Friday and they had the common taro at $0.99/lb.

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    1. re: Chocomom

      yes, We found that H mart does have the purple taro (so much flavor compared to the 'edo' sold at Reliable.)Got it ystdy. Thx much.

      SQ- per a recent CH thread, taro and ppl yam not the same.confusing eh?! Russo's also carries the ppl taro.

    2. Is that also the same thing as a purple yam? I got one at Russo's a couple of months ago. I haven't noticed if it has been there lately. It was in the outside section near the sweet potatoes. It was a beautiful lavender color when cooked- just like the coating on the taro buns at Yi Soon Bakery.

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        an image search is showing many combinations of fuzzy/root-y/taro-like and normal-potato exteriors, and white, striated & solid-purple inside. truong thinh has another roots-section in back-corner (beyond aisles of dried/canned food where you might not expect another produce section) and tropical foods has quite a selection of roots purple-and-non also. 101 on beach street has a good clone of yi soon's purple taro bun. i wonder if it isnt just beet juice colouring a normal crepe

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          Beet juice is quite a different color from purple taro, so that seems unlikely. And the proprietor of 101 Bakery is the son of the folks who run Yi Soon, so I'd expect him to use a pretty similar recipe.