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Apr 9, 2012 09:47 PM

Long Beach Eats

Gonna be in LB at the end of the month. Need several dinner spots. What should we not miss?

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  1. At Last Cafe and Enrique's would be my "must eats". Make rezzies if possible.

    1. Agree with At Last, yet to go but only hear great things. Michael's on Naples is a very good option for Italian if you dine upstairs its more casual than down fantastic either way, sustainable foods! Christy's on Broadway just reopened, great bar & tapas, Sushi On Fire on 2nd, tavern on 2nd is a good pub-like restaurant (great beers & burgers), Congregation Ale House has some really good tapas-like options, Lola's on 4th is good Mexican but I would agree withthe Enrique's rec, especially if you get the pork shank!

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        i think enriques probably (certainly) has better food, but i do love the atmosphere at lola's. probably the friendliest restaurant in long beach. and that green salsa is amazing. i've had good food at congregation ale house and pretty good food at Beechwood BBQ. kings fish house is on a slide and has been for a while ... too bad. 555 is still pretty good for steaks. bake 'n' broil for lunch or a casual family dinner (it's a coffee shop). also baba ghanouj on atlantic in bixby knolls is really good.

      2. Delius is a very well-regarded restaurant in the town of Signal Hill, which is entirely surrounded by Long Beach. I recommend it strongly. Upscale and higher on the price continuum though.