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Apr 9, 2012 08:50 PM

Tea House last Friday night.

Went to Tea House on Suburban Avenue last Friday night around 7. The place was dead save for a table of 8 in the corner. Was not greeted at the door and after waiting for about a good 3 minutes we decided to seat ourselves much to the chagrin of our server/waitress. She walked up to us confused with an attitude and said "Can I help you?" I replied "Yes we would like menus and some water." She then replied haughtily "Oh I wasn't sure what you were trying to do." My dining partner replied "Just trying to get a meal." Anyway they continued with the attitude exchange and I decided it best to just try to concentrate on the menu and ordered The Boiled Pork In Spicy Szechuan Hot Sauce and The Shanghai Juicy Sticky Buns. It is a shame the service was horrible because the food here is actually on par with Little Szechaun IMO. I would be willing to return here because the food is that good, however the hostess/waitress imo needs a serious attitude adjustment. I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and let by gones be by gones until she forgot to bring a pen for the check. She was tipped a dollar.

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  1. I had been here at this one several times until last summer.I had a male waiter who found his 1 other table more important than the one with my 2 dining companions and myself.The food had gone south,way south from my previous visits,but with the waiters attitude and his inattention to us,I'll never return.This was just one of only 2 times I ever stiffed a waiter in the last 20 yrs.