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Apr 9, 2012 08:18 PM

best fish and chips in ATL

Hi all -- my husband's birthday is coming up, and he has requested fish and chips. I'm trying to find some of the best in the city for him. Here's my list so far -- what are your thoughts?

The Brick Store
The Porter

We've had at both Brick Store and The Porter, and he prefers The Porter. We've never been to Ormsby's. Is there delicious fish and chips lurking on any other menu around town?

Thanks so much for your help!

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  1. I liked Ormsby's. Rose and Crown on Powers Ferry Rd also had good fish and chips though I haven't been to Smyrna in months.

    1. Publik on Peachtree and Ponce De Leon has great fish and chips. The fries have a slightly cajun spice as well. Very good.

      1. Having become addicted to fish and chips over years of business travel to the UK, I have tried a lot of offerings around town, and I believe the best is at Miller's Ale House just off 400 on Mansell Rd. You get a huge single fish fillet, properly battered and fried. This is often a lunch special (quite the good deal). At dinner, you get a couple of sad hush pupplies. Ignore them. I recently had the Rose & Crown version...smaller fillets so you get more breading/less fish. It was OK. Taco Mac changed their product about a year ago, and although it's a few smaller fillets, it's usually not bad. But Miller's is delicious and the closest I've had to authentic in the US.