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Apr 9, 2012 07:08 PM

USA Baking Pans

Fat Daddio and Chicago Metalic are now being made in China.

Anyone have any experience using any of the pans from USA Pans?

I trying to make an effort to get something US made once in a blue moon...

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  1. I saw them at Bed Bath Beyond last week. I took a look and said "No, I am not getting them". Your mileage may vary.

    There are other many made in US bakeware, like Nordic Ware or Vollrath or Williams Sonoma GoldTouch bakeware...etc:

    1. Lincoln Food Service was bought out by Vollrath, and I think it is under the WearEver line and made in the USA. My pan says Lincoln WearEver on on it. Restaurant service stores sell this brand more from my experience.

      With that said, I am not averse to buying stuff made in China when it comes to products like these. I do shy away from stuff kids will suck on or handle a lot though.

      Just FYI, I recently spoke with a cast iron producer who had made cast iron in the USA for over a hundred years, but their foundry closed and they no longer had a viable material source to be price competitive. They could buy it from a more expensive, farther away USA foundry, raise pries, and go out of business or source it from China and stay in business. IMO these issues aren't always simple.

      Even the USA cookware deity of All-Clad has its covers made in China. That's fine it seems...for now...

      1. KAF 8" square pan

        King Arthur Flour carries USA made bakeware that seems quite nice to me. I've given you a link to one of their pans. If you buy USA, you will likely pay more. If you pay more, you would like to know that you are getting a superior product.

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          I think KingArthurFlour bakware is made by USA Pan.

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            Well, there you are. The pan in the link looks very fine.

        2. We purchased a couple USA Pans a few months ago. We were replacing some Teflon coated pans that were starting to flake.

          They are certainly sturdy pans. What I didn't realize at the time was that they have a non-stick silicone coating (didn't do my research). Basically the same care as Teflon (no abrasives or metal utensils), but with the added bonus of a max temp of 450F.

          Not a huge deal, but I'm guessing that much like with Teflon, the coating will wear off over time.

          Hope that helps



          1. Surf the net for the best price on USA pans. I bought my first pan last year and love it. We are planning to get or daughters some of the pans for Christmas this year and maybe next year also. I have been a professional cook for 38 years and USA pans are the best pans you can buy for the house, hands down. Yes they are more costly, but if taken care of you won't be buying and more pans. They will last for many years. As I said at the beginning, shop the web and also check out retail cookware stores, you may find some on sale or clearance. Chef Dave