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Gonpachi in the Miyako Hybrid Hotel? $16 burger ...

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Has anyone tried it? I saw this ad for the burger in a Japanese language paper. Sadly, I couldn't comprehend the writing but I could comprehend that the burger might be really delicious.

Speaking of which, what kind of a restaurant is Gonpachi?


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  1. The failed ambitions of Gonpachi are the stuff of legend. Let Google help you.

    1. Gonpachi is a sushi bar first. I have tried the burger, since it's not far from where I work. I found it decent. It comes with fries, miso soup and a salad, FYI.

      Apparently the Sushi chef from the now-closed Gonpachi Beverly Hills is now working here, which might make this one of the better sushi bars in Torrance.

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        so the burger is basically Ok at best in your opine?

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          There was a post ealier that declared this the best burger in LA. It's not, IMHO. It's ambitious, though. That black brioche bun is rather unique.