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Apr 9, 2012 06:53 PM

Grocery cost in Paris

I will be attending the NYU Paris campus next year, and they don't provide a meal plan. They expect you to get your own food. I will be living in a small studio apartment with a kitchenette, and I'm going to bring a few of my own pans and favorite knife. Luckily I know how to cook fairly well, so I can save money by preparing my own food. How much money it will cost me for food in Paris for about 34 weeks if I eat out 3 times a month?

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  1. If your appartment is near the NYU campus, it will be in a fairly expensive neighborhood, the 16th. What you spend will depend on what you eat (veg vs meat) naturally but also very much where you shop. Will you be willing to schlep groceries across town on the Metro? Have you considered the estimated food costs posted on the NYU Paris website as a guideline?

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      They said it is about $2600, but they don't say whether that is for a semester or year. I think it is per semester. Would 50 euros a week be a good estimate, or is that too high/low ? Also, the NYU housing is in the 11th, but I was considering getting my own apartment because they overcharge, and I could use that money toward food, books, and art supplies.

    2. It will be _very_ expensive for the first few weeks when you want to buy all the "good" stuff, then you will learn your neighboorhood (11eme) best cheap smaller stores; you will discover that your nearest supermarket (franprix, monoprix, Dia) it more than enough for everyday cooking, and that buying from street market is fun but sometimes more expensive.

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        So, I will definitely be living in the 11th. I actually found nicer apartments at better rates than NYU is charging, but NYU requires me to live in their housing. So, is 50 euros a week a good estimate for food costs? Should it be higher?

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          There are so many variables to this question which are unanswered(what type of food, quantity, quality, etc.) but while it is possible to survive on 20euro/wk, I would do something more akin to taking your NY food budget and adding 50% as a very gross basis. While I am sure I will receive much grief for this, I cannot help but think that it is silly to go to NYU, do a year abroad in Paris yet worry about a few euros for food. If money is that much of an issue......................

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            This will actually be my freshman year, so I don't have a NY food budget. Also, at the Washington Square Park campus the meal plan is included in the cost of room and board, and it is not at their Paris campus. I just need to figure out what my budget will be so I know how much I can reasonably spend on food and how that will impact my annual budget.

            What are some low priced places to buy food, and cheap foods to buy. I know some things are more expensive there compared to here and vice versa.

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              You begin uni in Paris? That is .......... something special. I am having trouble biting my tongue and leaving it there. Not that any of that is your fault but quite a statement by an institution of higher learning.
              Anyway, others are natives and know more but I think you will just have to figure out what costs what. Too many items to go through.
              Again, variables(appetite, tastes, etc.) but I think 70 euros should be sufficient if you are careful without starving or eating only gruel Francaise. Only an additional 700 for the 'year' which is a rounding error on total cost. And maybe less but I am of the mind to plan with caution.
              If you are like a typical NYer(even students) and eat out all the time(yes, they do), have coffee, this, that and the other you will wind up spending more for sure. But since you are not in that habit, you could be OK. Cooking facilities in the school housing?I assume you checked. A 'NO' would put a dent in your money saving food mission.
              And don't feel too bad about getting stuck in their ripoff housing, they do the same in NY. I assume they do it at all of their money making campuses far away from the USA.

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                Well, their housing rates aren't that bad, but they are a bit more expensive than an apartment of the same quality. The apartment will have a kitchenette, which I assume means a small sink, small fridge, stove with 2 electric burners, and very limited counter space. I don't plan on eating out much and don't eat out often to begin with, but I'm sure there will be times when I eat out with friends or at other social gatherings. Apparently, NYU doesn't expect students to bring large amounts of personal belongings (they expect you to pack everything for a year in one suitcase) but I'm going to ship a few cooking supplies ahead because I'll probably find the basic supplies which they provide to be insufficient.

      2. Erion - here is a link to Monoprix which has shops across Paris:
        I assume your French will be goo if you are studying here. Monoprix is not the cheapest supermarket but it is the most common within the bounds of the Periphique, the bigger supermarkets are often on the borders. Fresh produce markets may be cheaper and the cheapest way to eat is to eat food that is in season.

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          There is a Simply right in front of the Mairie de l'XIe, which is relatively large and cheap. Buy produce at the markets, and everything else at Simply, if you want to reduce your costs. Meat from butcher shops is often more expensive, but better quality; the exception is what ever is the daily special, which can be quite cheap.

          If you have enough freezer space, the frozen basic foods (vegetables, herbs, etc) at Picard are of excellent quality.

        2. I did the NYU study abroad program about 10 (yikes!) years ago. Coming from a large city (Toronto) and having lived in New York I didn't find grocery shopping in Paris to be particularly expensive. I lived in an apartment in the 16th with a kitchenette (very small fridge, hot plate, toaster oven) and for the most part didn't cook a lot of meat and certainly couldn't do anything requiring an oven.

          Your best bet would be to scope out some of the online sites for supermarkets and check the flyers if they have them. I would usually shop at Casino, Franprix or Monoprix.

          Best of luck!


          1. I dunno if you can do this as an NYU student, but Paris has 'region-free' student canteens. If you've got a student ID you can get in and have a meal for between 2,50 and 3 EUR, which while not being the most spectacular meal, will get you fed so you can save up for splurges on the W/E.