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Apr 9, 2012 06:19 PM

Help me decide where to redeem my free meal

So I was gifted one of these "Smartbox" gift cards that offers me a free meal at one of a variety of choices. I hate using gift cards at restaurants, but I would feel even worse turning down a free meal, so I digress....

There's a couple of dozen choices and at this point I'm trying to decide between Lemeac and Les Infideles. The food at Lemeac interests me more but Les Infideles has the advantage of being a BYO (which would make the entire evening THAT much cheaper...).

Here's the link with the list of the available choices, in case anyone would like to suggest something they think is even better:


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    1. re: hungryann

      Add my vote for Pintxo. My second choice would be Leméac.

      1. re: SnackHappy

        i like both, if you go to lemeac there is late night deal if you want cheaper. It really is what you like in terms of food. I am not big fan of tapas but pintxo has other choices as well.-it has a younger, more cozy vibe but lemeac has french flair..