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Apr 9, 2012 06:16 PM

Sunday Night Dining in Washington

I will be in Washington on April 15th for a two day conference. The only free night is Sunday and I'm not familiar with the city. I will be staying at the OMNI. A bunch of us want to head out after the reception (around 6:30pm).

We're looking for somewhere that is lively, has great cocktails/wine and good food but I'm not sure if that's possible because of the day of the week. (Toronto is kind of dead on a Sunday night). I don't want to eat at a hotel - unless it's exceptional, a diner or southern restaurant. Thanks for any help!

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  1. Take a pleasant stroll north on Connecticut Ave. After 15-20 minutes, you'll get to the "Cleveland Park" neighborhood. Tons of stuff right there on Connecticut Ave that's open on Sunday - in the order you'll see them: Ardeo/Bardeo, Spices, Ripple, Dino, Medium Rare, Indique, Palena.

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      Knowing my group, after a two hour open bar reception some will probably only be able to cab it rather than walk :) Dino closes at 8:30 unfortunately and its too bad Palena only has its cafe open as I would prefer the restaurant menu. Ardeo/Bardeo and Ripple are all great options for what we are looking for! I will suggest to the group and have a vote. Thanks!

    2. If you're willing to use transportation, head over to Zaytinya. It offers everything you're looking for except I'm not a big fan of the by-the-glass Greek wine choices. Their by-the-bottle choices are wider; most recently, we particularly enjoyed Vermentino, a Corsican white.

      One of the current specials, the phyllo stuffed with lamb and lamb sausage was the hit of the evening, a tough standard considering everything else was really good. The sea scallops ran a close second for favorite. (The write up on the menu reads really flat; it certainly doesn't capture the sweetness of the scallop and the great tasty sear.)

      Love, love, love the fact that the desserts are offered in mini and regular sizes. The yogurt and apricot dessert is deservedly the signature dessert.

      Always a lively crowd. A recent Sunday may have been livlier than usual since Zaytinya was one of the few restaurants open near the Verizon Center the night of the Springsteen concert.

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        I couldn't see the hours on the web site so I called and he said they are closed on Sunday :(

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          I just plugged this Sunday's date i(April 15) nto Open Table and was able to get my choice of reservation time. Open Table believes the restaurant is open!

          Then, I tried confirming the information another way. I went to the FAQ on the web site. Here's the answer copied from the web site:

          What are your hours? (Answer)

          We open at 11:30 AM every day, and close at 10 PM (Su, M), 11:30 PM (T-Th) or midnight (F, S). Click here for more details.

          And finally, also from Zaytinya's web site, there's a discussion of the special Greek Easter menu available April 8-22, with particular mention of April 15.

          Easter Sunday, April 15

          Kick off Spring with an Easter Day lamb feast, featuring whole, spit-roasted lamb and mouth-watering sides of all varieties.

          Join us during our two-week celebration of Greek Easter, one of the most important holidays on the Greek calendar.

          For the entire festival, we will be featuring a Chef’s Experience menu celebrating spring lamb. For the full experience, enjoy this indulgent 10-course prix fixe menu for two, throughout the week. Selections will also be available a la carte. Click here to see the menu. Chef’s experience menu is $99 per couple exclusive of tax and gratuity.

          I think it's reasonable to conclude that whoever answered the phone didn't know what he was talking about. Please phone again or simply make a reservation via Open Table if this place appeals to you.

      2. I would walk over to Adams Morgan and grab dinner at Mintwood. Delicious bistro-style food, good cocktails and wine list and a lively environment. If it's a larger group though I would recommend making a reservation.

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          Agreed, or Cashion's, which I always love. Adams-Morgan is rarely dead!

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            Mintwood and Cashion look really good!

          2. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who gave me a suggestion. The group chose Ardeo Bardeo and we arrived at about 8:30pm. It was pretty busy for a Sunday night and I loved the vibe. Our server and the Manager were very friendly. The standout dishes for me were the scallop shnitzel and the seven hour braised leg of suckling pig. That was tender pork and the flavours in that dish were delicious! The server convinced me to try the crispy brussel sprouts (not a big fan) but they were so good! You can even get a nice bottle of red for a very decent price. I will probably be back in August for another conference so I'm hoping to try some others on the list.