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Apr 9, 2012 05:41 PM

Cocktails and Dinner after Magic Game Friday

Hello All,

My wife and I will be in town from Boston visiting family and have tickets to the Magic game on Friday versus the Hawks. I was wondering where you would recommend for a later dinner after the game within walking or short driving distance of the Amway Arena.

We love basically all types of food, but would prefer something "new american" with possibly some creative offal dishes on the menu. We also appreciate a good cocktail, so bartending is important and would like to sit at the bar to eat if possible.

I was thinking maybe RUsty Spoon or Hue, any other options. Ravenous Pig would be the natural choice, but wanted to stay closer to the Arena.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Rusty Spoon would be my pick, if going after a magic game call them for a table or sit up at the bar.

    What kinds of things are you interested in drinking and eating?

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    1. re: Sandwich_Sister

      What does the bar at the RS look like on a Friday night after 10? We would definitely give them a call on the walk over after the game.

      Drink wise we love classics. So think along the lines of an Old Fashioned, Sazerac, Manhattan, etc.. As far as food is concerned we are really flexible.

      For reference though here in Boston our favorite place to eat at the bar is probably Craigie on Main, where we start out with Spicy Pig Tails, Roasted Bone Marrow and then follow up with either one of their plates or a Burger.

      1. re: Sandwich_Sister

        After the Magic game we ended up at Rusty Spoon. Great meal overall.

        My wife had the Burger which was cooked perfectly medium rare, the shoe string fries were also excellent. I ordered the "Dirty South" with Local Snapper, Shrimp and Clams. This honestly was one of the best dishes I have had this year so far. Everything was cooked perfectly and the Fish and Seafood were incredibly fresh. The broth had so many layers over flavor as well.

        Only one complaint was the bartending. I asked for an Old Fashioned with No fruit and got a puzzled look, but they made a good effort at the drink. It ended up in a cocktail glass and was solid, but not what I expected. Really minor complaint though as it was an incredible meal.

        Afterwards we ended up at the Desert Lady and ordered the Warm Pecan Pie. Once again really good, sweet but not overly sugary, just a great ending to the evening.

        I am impressed at how far Church Street has come in the years since I lived in Orlando, looks like a blossoming local restaurant scene which I cant wait to explore further next visit.

        1. re: Matt H

          Thanks so much for the trip report. I have only had the beer on tap at Rusty Spoon but at least your drink was solid.

          Also a big thanks to supporting the local business downtown both Rusty Spoon and the Dessert Lady.

          I'll have to try the Dirty South next time I go