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Coconut Cake - by the slice

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    1. Tropical Coconut Cake $5.50 a slice at Susie Cakes. Nice and moist.

      1. Jamaica's Cakes and Lemonade

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            i'm always tempted by philippes desserts but they inevitably turn out to be shortening based and have that awful, waxy, plasticky mouthfeel and overly sweet taste. i found the the coconut cream pie to be a terrible disappointment. is the coconut cake an exception?

          2. Farmer's market on Sundays in the Pacific Palisades. I can't remember the name of the baker, but they only have a couple of bakeries so it shouldn't be hard to figure out. She has an amazing coconut cake and sells by the slice.

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              I found the name. Bountiful Bakery. Here's the website. http://bountifulbakeryla.com The menu shows only full cakes, but they do sell by the slice at the farmer's market.

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                Yes she does!!! $7 for a giant piece

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                    but it's the size of 2 large slices and it's super high quality and delicious