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Apr 9, 2012 05:27 PM

Shunji's --- Does it have a menu? or ...

not yet?

And someone mentioned a whipped monkfish liver dish as well as a bleu cheese ball and a shaved frozen foie gras dish? Are these dishes on the menu? Or it it possible to request these dishes if I'm not doing omakase here?

Thanks. Sounds great. Though it is weird to see a genuine, possibly exceptional sushi bar in the circular old Chili bowl space.

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  1. I first ate at Shunji's a couple of weeks ago. We ordered omakase and received those dishes as part of our meal. Shunji's does have a menu, but I don't think those dishes are on it. Nor is the uni/squid/ink/truffle dish which has already garnered some attention. I suppose sampling special dishes like this are a primary reason for ordering omakase in the first place. At $80/pp, I think it is actually a pretty good deal, especially considering the superlative quality, and I would highly recommend it.

    That said, we got the impression that Shunji's is eager to do business and fulfill the needs of their clientele, whether it be a full omakase meal, or simply sushi a la carte, and even just sake tasting. Talk to Shunji and he may fulfill any special requests you may have.

    1. Many of the items from omakase are on the menu, like bamboo. Since the bamboo dish has already changed several times (with the omakase on our first visit, it was served with gingko nuts and a mountain peach; on my third visit when I ordered it separately, a portion of the bamboo was in a small bowl with uni and seaweed--nori, not kombu, I believe--and no mountain peach or gingko nuts), I believe the menu just lists the dish as "Bamboo" and not a specific preparation.

      There's no guarantee that the purple-potato-blue-cheese ball will be available on a given night (I have seen it each time I was there, so it's likely a staple of his), but I would say that anything that happens to be available for omakase on the particular night you're there should be order-able a la carte.

      (The ankimo "mousse" that we had with our potato ball course was not included in another omakase that I saw, nor was the marinated tomato. The frozen foie gras was just topping for the cold wintermelon soup we had; the cold soup on another night was yams with guava.)

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        thanks peter cc, those four dishes do sound beyond exceptional.

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          Report back when you go, kevin!