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Apr 9, 2012 05:06 PM

Dosa and Sambar - anywhere in the Pasadena/Glendale (SGV) area?

I am really craving a dosa and some sambar. In lieu of driving to little India (was there weekend before last), I was wondering if there are any places nearer to home that serve these delicious items. Any type of Dosa will do... TIA!

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  1. If you're not too fussy, the dosas at Bhanu on Rosemead might do.

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    1. re: Peripatetic

      I am going to say that I am not going to be fussy since I know I could make the drive to Artesia, but am too lazy for that! ;-) Thank you!!

      1. re: WildSwede

        What's your favorite dosa in Artesia? So far I've tried Surati Farsan Mart (thumbs way up) and Udupi Palace (meh). Still have to try Jay Bharat and Rajdhani.

        1. re: Peripatetic

          My friend who is Southern Indian swears by Udupi. I have not been there, yet. I only recently learned of the charms of Dosa. The only place I have had it in Artesia is from Standard Sweets & Snacks. I got the Masala one with the masala on the side. Their Sambar is fantastic. I plan on trying other ones as well. Do you think that Rajdhani has it? I thought they only did Thali. That is my favorite, favorite place to eat down there.
          Last night, I was on Los Feliz Blvd (going to get a facial) - going east from the 5 - and right across the street there is an Indian Sweets & Spices right across the street from where I was going. There is a restaurant in there - vegetarian. I saw pictures of dosas and other food items on the wall outside and turned around and went it. Food was okay. Got a paneer dosa which was pretty good. It had caramelized onions that were fantastic. Sambar was pretty good as well.
          I am happy to know that there are options around. Cannot wait to try Bhanu (I have seen it many times but never went in).

          1. re: WildSwede

            > Do you think that Rajdhani has it?

            I thought they might, but there's no mention of them in any Yelp review, so probably not.

            I'll have to try the dosa at Standard Sweets & Snacks. You definitely should check out the dosa at Surati Farsan Mart.

            > Cannot wait to try Bhanu

            Just to do some expectation control here, I think Bhanu's dosa is made from a commercial mix rather than made from scratch. Bhanu is primarily a grocery, and I suspect a number of items on their menu might be commercial preparations. That said, some of their dishes are pretty good. I mentioned Bhanu's dosas because they're the only ones I've come across in the SGV.

            My favorite thing about Bhanu is they carry Sukhi's products from the Bay Area. Their chutneys and curry pastes are excellent.

            1. re: Peripatetic

              Thanks! I love Surati for their Bhel Puri and mixes. Never thought of trying the dosa there, but next time I will for sure! Like I said, I am not going to be too picky - I just love how the dosa is kinda crisp and then not at the same time. I love that. I will definitely check out all their grocery items as well. I love pickles!!

    2. You can get dosa and sambar at All India Cafe in Pasadena. I haven't had the sambar there but did like the dosa. You can find the menu online.

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