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Apr 9, 2012 04:23 PM

Torrisi Lunch - Friday to Sunday

Hi. Has anyone had lunch at Torrisi Friday, Saturday or Sunday? These are the three days they say they do lunch. If so, is it the same as the evening menu on those days? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Bumping this as we have the same ?..have a Sunday reservation at noon and a 3pm shuttle back to Boston. Doable? Thanks. And FYI other reservations are Friday evening NoMad Sat lunch before Lucky Guy at Ma Peche and Sat dinner at Junoon. Thoughts?

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    1. re: Capeannetoo

      Where is the shuttle back to Boston? Delta shuttle from LGA? Torrisi to LGA will be relatively quick on a Sunday afternoon, but I'd leave no later than 1:30pm for a 3pm flight.

      Will you have your bags with you? Do you plan on taking a cab from the restaurant? If not, where are you staying?

      You will probably want to call the restaurant and confirm that it's the same menu as dinner, and how long the meal takes.

      1. re: kathryn

        Thanks Kathryn yes LGA yes cab yes bag. We will call to confirm and if limited to the 7 course tasting will save it for a future trip. Hate to rush through excellence.

        1. re: Capeannetoo

          The restaurant is very cramped, which may be tough to do with luggage. If I recall correctly, the "7 course" thing is a bit of a misnomer... you get all the antipasti at once. So the timing is closer to a 4 course meal.

          1. re: kathryn

            Thanks will give them a call. Possibly seek alternative near Hotel NoMad .....thoughts?

            1. re: Capeannetoo

              Most places will be doing Sunday brunch service. Sunday brunch at the NoMad is very good, and they take reservations. Though you may not want to go again if you're doing them for dinner and staying there.

              I also love brunch at the Breslin, nearby at the Ace Hotel, but they don't take reservations. The John Dory serves weekend lunch and also doesn't take reservations, but they never seem that full during the day, so that could be an option.

              Have you considered Manzo at Eataly? They open at 11:30am and serve a weekend lunch menu. You can make reservations on Urbanspoon.

              1. re: kathryn

                Switched to 11:30 at Maialino. In between sort of menu and know there is plenty of space for bag....thanks.

            2. re: kathryn

              Was looking at doing Torrisi for lunch in the next week. Is the lunch format still the same? I heard it's still 7 and do they pull each of the 7 from the dinner menu?