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May late lunch/early dinner for 18 in Yorktown/Mahopac/Mt Kisco...

I am at my wits end. I'd prefer Italian as my family is not that adventurous but I'd like the food to be decent at least. Unfortunately it's First Communion season so lots of places are booked solid.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Have you tried Gaudio in Yorktown Heights? With 18, you'd be taking over much of the dining room.

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      Guadio's is a great idea. Decent Italian and price is right. Another suggestion would be Lexington Square in Mt. Kisco. They have a room upstairs. The menu is good, not Italian but something for everyone. They also have a nice outdoor space if the weather is good.


      1. re: wincountrygirl

        Also Eduardo's in mt.kisco and Da Tommaso's in Yorktown.

        1. re: apples

          Does Gaudios have an actual dining room? From the photos on their webpage it looks more like a pizza parlor type...bolted down tables, etc.

          I didn't know that Lexington Square still existed...Eduardo's & Don Tomasso's are both booked solid.

          Thank you so much for the suggestions.

          Has anybody tried the new Italian place in Mt Kisco? Via Venti (or something like that)?

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            Via Venti is not new, it's been there for a while. It's in the old train station. I keep meaning to get there for HVRW but fail. The menu looks good but it's not your normal Italian restaurant.

            The new Italian place in Mt. Kisco is where Fish Cellar used to be. Some Arthur Avenue place. I don't think the reviews here have been very good.

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              Well that tells you how often I get out. The Via Venti menu does look good and it doesn't have to be traditional if the food is good (and the place is available).

              I didn't realize that the Fish Cellar had closed but that location would be right out due to the stairs.

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              The website is showing their pizza place. The location in Yorktown has a restaurant with regular tables.

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                Gaudio's is a nice restaurant. It has a two rooms, one is a bar with smaller tables, the other is a formal dining room. It is not a pizza place!

                The same owners have a place nearby called Three Brothers Brick Over Pizza. It is a completely separate restaurant and actually I wasn't even aware of it (I've probably passed by, but it's not something I would have been looking for) until I checked the website just now for you.

                I first went to Gaudio's with friends who wanted a place where they could have martinis with dinner. Had the best eggplant rollatini I've ever encountered.

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                  wincountrygirl is absolutely right--the photos on the website are not of Gaudio's. It's a badly designed and executed website visually. If you drop them a note, maybe they'll take some photos and send them to you.

                  BTW, please don't misunderstand--I'm not saying this is the best place to eat ever nor is it worth a big trip if one is only going for food; it is, however, a comfortable and nice place to eat, in the area you're looking for, reasonably priced, and might not already be booked during this busy time you're looking for space for 18 people.

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                    Elisa515, you nailed exactly what I'm looking for. Comfortable, nice, reasonably priced, decent food and possibly available. As my in-laws are coming from LI I want to keep everything as local to us as possible.

                    I'm relieved to learn that the photos on the website are not of Gaudio's. I believe that Three Brothers is right next to Gaudio's but the photos must be of Three Brothers. All of this will be moot if the place is booked, however.

                    Thanks again for all of your help.

          2. For red sauce Italian, we like Dantes Trattoria in Mahopac (in the A&P shopping center). They have a room that would fit 18.

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              I forgot about Dantes! Thank you! I'll call them today.

            2. Spacarelli in Millwood

              Gaudio's is a glorified pizza place.
              if you're going to do that, I'd say Little Sorrento is far better

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                Spacarelli is more expensive and it's further away. It's not clear that he needs anything that fancy. Good simple food might be more than sufficient.

                How about Juliana's in Cortlandt. A bit off the beaten path but good simple food.

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                  Gaudio's is not a pizza place. It's a lovely small Italian place. You are probably thinking of another restaurant.

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                    The food at Gaudio's is good. It does feel like eating at a diner - not upscale by any stretch but good quality, large portions.

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                      How does eating at Gaudio's feel like a diner? Cloth tableclothes and napkins even at lunch? All separate tables, no booths. Attentive waiter service. Full bar.

                      I'm starting to wonder if I've been to a completely different restaurant!

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                        No, i really just mean the service. But don't get me wrong, I like the food there and you can't beat the price!

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                          Is Gaudio's the one in that ugly building (Roma?) on the main corner in YKT across from the A&P? If so, I'd call that a reasonably nice place. I went there with my elderly father and aunt and they were quite pleased with it.

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                            Yes - I think...... there is a little gas station almost in front of it. Its near Triangle and Turcos. its on the main corner - where you make the right off 35 to go up 118.

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                              Yep, that's the place. Some parking in front, lots in the back. Building also houses--at completely other end--Sue and Hai, a Chinese/Japanese place that my son favors.

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                                I went to Three Guys Pizza last night (my son wanted to check out the new frozen yogurt place, Twist, that had just opened a few doors down). I have to say that the pizza was fantastic. I had the brick oven sausage slice. The crust was thin and cracker crisp, the sauce was very bright, tomato-ey tasting and you could even taste the fresh basil. The sausage was slice very thin so it crisped up a bit upon reheating...just the way I like it. While enjoying the slice I read that Gaudio's and Three Boys share the same kitchen so you could order from Gaudio's at Three Guys and vice versa. Peering into Gaudio's as we walked past you could definitely see that it looked nothing like the photos on the web page. Gaudio's seemed to be doing a brisk business for a Wednesday night, maybe due to their 21.95 prixe fixe dinner? It was enough to intrigue me and I'll definitely be back.

                                Twist is like Frannie's in Mt Kisco. A self serve yogurt and topping place where you pay by the ounce. The place is bright and cheerful with indoor seating (so you don't have to sit on a curb and enjoy the atmosphere that is Saw Mill River rd). The yogurt was fine, nothing I'd rave about but it's the only game in town (aside from Friendly's walk up window) so it should do well. Nothing fat free except for the sorbet, though all of the yogurt is supposed to be low fat. And one machine has soft serve ice cream in ever poular vanilla & chocolate.

                                Just an FYI as a thank you for all of your help :).

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                                  Thanks so much for this report! Now I'll have to check out the pizza place and the yogurt one (didn't realize it had opened yet).

                                  After your big party, you can go to Gaudio's sometime. They also have two different prix fixe lunch specials, including for $12.95 you have soup or salad, main course, coffee or tea, and half price cocktail(s?). There's also one for $9.95 with side salad and main course. There are more main course selections with the first one.

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                                    Elisa, it was the least that I could do after all of the help that I received. I think that Twist just opened this week so it caught me by surprise as well. I should say that the yogurt was definitely fresh and it was good (I had the cheesecake). I know I'll be back. But the cost per ounce adds up rapidly. They were handing out rewards cards where you get a punch per cup purchased (buy 10, get your next 6 oz free).

                                    I forgot to add that my husband had two of the brick oven specialty slices at 3 Guys- eggplant, ricotta and carmelized onions as well as a chicken pesto. Both were excellent IMO (Of course I had to have a bite :)).

                                  2. re: slowsmoked

                                    I'm confused. Are you going to do the party at Gaudios? BTW - that sounds like my kind of pizza!!

                                    1. re: wincountrygirl

                                      Nope. Gaudio's was booked. EVERY place that was suggested was booked. I just wanted to share that I had checked out the Pizza at Three Guys and that Gaudio's dining room has no resemblance to the pictures on their web page. Sorry for the confusion.

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                                        No worries. Thought it was me!! Thanks for sharing about the pizza - sounds great. Have you checked 121 in North Salem? They have a private room. Also, Somers 202 i believe has a private space that they can curtain off.

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                                          I've stopped my quest. After three days of hearing nothing but, "Sorry, we're booked" I gave up and checked with a local Chinese restaurant. They were wide open ad happy to have us. It's not what my family is expecting & I'm sure there will be a few raised eyebrows but my stomach isn't in knots anymore and we've got a place to go after church for a meal.

                                          1. re: slowsmoked

                                            Sometimes that is the easiest. I'm sure you'll enjoy.

                      2. Gino's Tratoria in Mahopac. He'll set up the back room for you. The food is quite good, including the excellent pizzas (try the zucchini pizza - excellent).

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                          I'm not familiar with Gino's or Spacarelli but I'll look into them. Little Sorrento is booked. Juliana's in Cortlandt is ringing a bell....is that on Rt 202?

                          I really appreciate all of the help and suggestions. When I want Italian I'm the one that cooks it so it's very rare that we go to Italian restaurants.

                          1. re: slowsmoked

                            Gino's is also very good.

                            Julianna's is on Watch Hill Road (south of 202), so if you have people from out of town they might have trouble finding it. Their website is down at the moment, hopefully it does not mean that they are closed. It's not Italian.


                            There's also Thyme on Route 202 if you want to spend more money. One complaint I have about them is that their food is NOT adventurous, but it's well prepared. They do not have a private room and I am not sure how they would seat 18.

                        2. You may also want to look into Piatto Grill. The food is ok, but they certainly fit your geaography and needs for accomodating a large group.:

                          Also, Le Fontane is on the SOmers/Yorktown border and the food is good and they can accomodate large groups

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                            Piatto is closed for a private party until 6 that day...I've never heard of Le Fontane but I'll check them out. Ive been working my way down the list and every place is booked. I finally had luck with Gino's but I didn't speak with the owner so I;m not getting my hopes up until I do so. off to do that tonight. Thanks so much for all of your suggestions!

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                              If Gino's falls thru, try Il Forno Trattoria & Pizzeria in Somers. I've never been there but I've read good things about it. Also, Frankie & Augiez on Route 6 in Jefferson Valley is very good. They were on restaurant.com last time I looked.

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                                Marco will take good care of you.

                                1. re: CTeater

                                  Marco wasn't around. The back room was booked but they offered to put us in the restaurant area. I declined. I wanted nicer ambiance than tables bolted to the floor :).

                                  This is exhausting but I do appreciate all of the suggestions. The problem is that it's communion season everywhere, not just in Yorktown. Every place is booked to overbooked and I guess everybody wants Italian. Maybe I'll go with Chinese...

                                  Things are so much easier when I cook!

                                  1. re: slowsmoked

                                    The Riviera in Pleasantville is no ambiance but great food, reasonably priced and great with a group...ask for Tom

                                    1. re: slowsmoked

                                      Did they tell you that the tables were bolted to the floor or are you making assumptions?

                                      1. re: MisterBill2

                                        I went to Gino's to see where they could accomodate us. Ivana showed us a space in the main dining area with two booths and a round table. I didn't get on the ground to check the round table but yeah, the booth tables were bolted down :) . Seriously though, that was not the ambiance that I wanted at all. The main dining area is standard pizza parlor...not what I want.

                              2. I strongly believe the Le Fontane (on Rt 100 just north of Rt 35) will fit you needs very closely.The food is quite good and consistant and is reasonably priced.The owner (Antonio) or his family is always on premesis and everything runs smoothly.He has a separate high ceilinged spacious room for separate parties and a covered outdoor patio for eating or drinking. Grounds and building are very well maintained reflecting the care and pride of the family

                                1. I want to thank all of you for your suggestions. I went through the list (and beyond) and every place is booked. After three days of hearing nothing but, "Sorry" I threw my hands up and checked with a local Chinese restaurant. They were wide open and happy to have us. Not what my family will be expecting but my stress is amazingly reduced!

                                  I will check out some of these places on my own time in order to sample the food, though. I really appreciate everyone's help.