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Apr 9, 2012 02:38 PM

Sunday in Paris- Axuria or Terroir Parisien?

My husband and I are looking for a good, moderately priced restaurant for Sunday night in Paris. I found Axuria and Terroir Parisien on John Talbott's site, and both look like great choices. Has anyone been?

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  1. I don't see how you can fail at either. It just depends if your taste buds are in the mood for Ile de France or the Pays Basque.

    Terroir Parisien is as much a design statement as gastronomique one. I was however quite surprised by how classic and unfussy the menu is. Even onion soup. So it will probably disappoint if you are an adventurous eater. Nevertheless it is superb value and excellent quality. The only deficit for me was the furniture: a feast for the eyes but not very kind to the backsides. I'm also not sure about a Sunday night. It's such a very "in" place for brunch (which in Paris can go on until 4pm) that I would wonder if the staff would have enough enthusiasm left for dinner service.

    Axuria has a Basque flavour and much more comfortable chairs. The prices are even more pleasing. And the desserts knock my socks off. Especially the moelleux caramel. Mmmmm-mmm. It may seem pretty far out in the 15th but the Boucicault/ Convention neighborhood is surprisingly pleasant.

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      Thanks for the feedback! Both look great, so we might try one for lunch and one for dinner. I'll report back when we return.