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hudson restaurant, briarcliff manor, ny

Hudson restaurant at Haymount Manor on Studio Hill Road in Briarcliff Manor has recently opened (in the building that was Maison Lafitte several years ago.) It describes itself as "farm to table" like many new restaurants. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. Just read a report on Small Bites on LoHud.com. Sounds good, but I'm interested in the report of a Chowhounder.


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      Going next week, I will be sure to report back

    2. Saw it 'appear' on Open Table, and I'm very curious.
      but no other useful info was online.

      Please post reports!

      1. Dining there tonight , stay tuned.

        1. Starting with the service and moving on to the food, Hudson disappointed on nearly all fronts. We arrived by 7:45 PM, nobody at the front podium to greet us, so we ambled into the bar. No one offered a drinks menu, finally obtained one just as we were led to the table around 8:15 PM. By 9 PM appetizers arrived: an okay green salad, a good tuna crudo, a bizarre asparagus soup with a lump of frozen green stuff and an acceptable beet salad accompanied by ash-crusted goat cheese whose rind drifted into the beets like dandruff. After asking for bread, we were informed that they had run out around 8 PM, and the owner had departed on the bread quest. (See below, Pepperidge Farm sliced?) By 9:45 the food finally arrived: duck breast cold and well done (ordered medium rare); veal chop overcooked, etc. Service was ridiculously unprofessional, our server was being trained by another to open our wines ($54 and $69/bottle) at the table. Server poured tap water into the glass of one diner who was drinking Badoit ($10/bottle and they didn't offer to replace what they had ruined.) Sure, they've been open only three weeks, but the average tab runs at least $100/person. As for the other factors that comprise a satisfying dining experience, the atmosphere (deeply suburban), decor (lotsa Vegas-y chandeliers), view (overlooking ranch-style houses with the Hudson River in the deep distance), bar scene (housewives of Westchester County) were not worth the trip from Manhattan (we were road-testing for a big family birthday). And for desserts, sorry we didn't have the patience for them.

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            methinks one deserves much better for $100/person

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              Just wondering--are there usually "drinks menus" at bars?

              Rest of the review, mostly, is deeply disturbing. One thing to be careful about--if you're going to a restaurant that is in the suburbs, not one of the cities in Westchester, finding "housewives of Westchester" is what one would expect to find. Otherwise, bar scenes are "drunk guys whose wives won't let them drink/smoke/be at home" is what one finds.

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                Drinks menus at upscale restaurants/bars/hotels, at least in New York, San Fran, L.A., Paris, London, Rome, Venice, Chicago, to name just a few cities, list specialty cocktails, mixologists' creations, wines by the glass, non-alcoholic mixed "drinks," microbrewery beers, brands of bottled waters, any house-made bitters or liqueurs and, frequently, small plates of "bar" food.

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                  Not that I haven't seen drinks menus (even up here in parochial Westchester), but I don't think anyone expects to be given them at a bar. Anyway, sorry you had a disappointing experience at this place--there are many wonderful restaurants in the area where you'd have none of these service or food issues. Not many with fantastic views and good food/service.

                  I'll defer to the drinkhounds if you're looking for fancy bar drink menus.

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                  Yes, there are drinks menu's at bars - Squires on North State Road maybe two or three miles away and which is a casual bar/restaurant has a drink menu now that it serves "cocktails". So do most places in the area.
                  I wanted to try Hudson as I had been there years before and thought the building was lovely (although at the time the food not quite so good). After reading the reviews, I think I'll wait.

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                    I guess I worded my question awkwardly. I have certainly seen plenty of drink menus--even at some pretty divey bars.. What I really meant to ask was whether there was something offensive or lacking in a place that didn't provide drink menus at the bar automatically.

                    My guess is you won't merely "wait" to go to this place. So many other great choices, at that price point and well below.

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                      I think you are right - unless I'm attending a function of some sort, I probably will not go there. I so wanted it to have great food, because it is a lovely setting and so very close to my home.

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                  Many years ago after having recently moved up to the land of ranch style houses and housewives of Westchester County (which I guess I am now) from the big city, we went to one of the previous incarnations of this joint....I recall it being very historical and pretty, and I was thrilled that the live band at dinner featured one of my former neighbors in NYC as the singer...more thrilled that she dedicated their set to my late dog, who was the star of the laundry room in the city...but I digress. Ranch style houses, deeply suburban atmosphere and Westchester housewives notwithstanding, your review of the food and service is quite disturbing, especially given the prices. And that bread.....really?!?!? A slice of diner white bread toast, yikes! Thanks for the warning.

                4. I was so looking forward to our dinner here and I could not have been more disappointed!Unfortunately our dinner experience was much like chicfille's. We had a 7:45 dinner reservation and although the restaurant was not filled, they pushed us to the outside area to have drinks. We were not seated until 8:05 and they did not pick up the drinks. The restaurant space was nice, but there was a large vacant area at the dead center of the space which is awkward. The menu is very small and no specials. Our waiter was extremely unattentive and not at all experienced,, verging on unprofessional and the evening from then on was awful. We had to ask for bread, which they served to one person, then said they would be back with more. They never came back, and after asking a few different times they brought more, which happily they did have,although everything was cut in half, so they must have been worried from the night before. We had to then ask if they had butter.We were not served our appetizer until well after 9, and although they were very good, after waiting that long with no one checking in on us , we were frustrated. Our entrees didn't arrive until after 10, appearing literally as we were telling them to forget about our meals. Dessert was a total let down. Although served in a timely manner they were not tasty at all. I fully anticipate and understand the bumps in a new restaurant opening a new restaurant but these were far more than acceptable "opening jitters". There were many other tables with the same experience. They tried to compensate with drinks, but when the bill came they were all on there. We won't be back . they really should not open for business unless they are able to handle it...Its too bad!

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                    We also were looking forward to our dinner here but our party of 9 could not have been more disappointed! The experience was a total train wreck and after more than two hours and still not having been served our entrees we all decided to pay the bill and leave (we had 7:30 reservations and ended up leaving at 10:00). Once we told the staff that we are leaving a very heated discussion took place and the host Paul was rude, unprofessional and threatening. One of the owners had to intervene and just told us that he was sorry, took care of the bill and said he hoped to see us again. He said that they are only open three weeks but you know what, the staff should communicate to the diners, let them know any kitchen issues and never be so violently rude as they were to us.

                    The worst restaurant experience in a very long time. I don't care how good the food is, we will never be back.

                    We also heard that there were many other tables with the same experience.

                    I agree with apples, they should not open for business unless they are able to handle it. There are many other fine restaurants in the area to go to have a fine meal.

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                      Wow, these are some of the worst things I have heard about any new restaurant opening. This seems to go way passed "glitches."

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                        The worst I have experienced in a very long time!

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                          something tells me that Paul will not be around in the coming months.

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                            If you want a really good meal, try the Brasserie Swiss in Ossining. It is very quaint - it sort of makes you feel like you are eating in a small town in Switzerland. The husband is the chef, and the wife runs the front end, and they are both lovely people. And the food is fabulous! The best escargot that I've ever eaten. The veal cutlets, should you choose to order them, are wafer thin. But if you eat beef, and Sauerbrauten is on the menu (it's a special sometimes) order than. I make Sauerbrauten from my grandmother's recipe and the Brasserie Swiss is the best I've ever had.
                            If you are looking for a more casual dining experience, try the Briars on North State Road in Briarcliff. Food is excellent, as is the service. They also have specials, and their leg of lamb was wonderful. Good seafood dishes too. They have a wide selection of regular menu items.

                    2. Happy to report a very nice experience on a Sat. evening at Hudson. Starters of sweetbreads and a bibb lettuce salad were delicious. We had the steaks with sides of fries and broccoli rabe. The sun setting over the river is really stunning and the room is elegant and the bar area cozy and buzzing with a good crowd. There is now a bar menu, a list of cocktails and a good selection of wines by the glass including a nice rose cava that hit the right note on a warm evening. We found the staff, right down to the valet parking guys, to be bending over backwards to be welcoming. The senior staff is very professional, hailing from the Castle in Tarrytown. The sommelier was not only helpful with our wine selection, he was charming and fun to talk to. The owner, a local resident, made the rounds at each table, sharing the history of the estate and the work that's gone in to renovate the space when asked. Granted, the main dining room is a higher price point, but there's a ton of potential for this place and the area can certainly stand an upscale fine dining option in such a spectacular setting.

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                        Glad to hear things are looking up for this place.

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                          Me too...I think the setting is lovely, and it is a few minutes drive from my house. A friend reported having a very good experience there recently as well. Think we will try it in a few weeks.

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                            The NY Times (whose Westchester reviews I have to say I often find suspect) gave it a rave today.
                            Just for interest's sake...

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                              Hudson Haymount is listed on the Hudson Valley Restaurant Week. Has anyone gone? Going? Only 2 choices from the menu, either salmon or short ribs. Well at least it won't take anyone long to figure out what they're going to eat.

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                                Wow, could they spare it? Since restaurant week is a good way to get new customers, I would think they would offer a bit more.

                                1. re: wincountrygirl

                                  You would think so. I'm amazed at how many restaurants don't get the concept of Restaurant Week.

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                                  I missed this discussion earlier but I wanted to mention that I went to Hudson for restaurant week. Also to mention that the menu originally had a surcharge for one of the two entrees (the short rib) and after posting on their Facebook page (pointing out the bad taste this would leave in people's mouths and how if made it seem like they really didn't want to do HVRW), they had a change of heart and removed the surcharge. We had a mixed experience. The food was decent, especially entrees and desserts. I had the salad appetizer and it was rather boring; my wife had butternut squash soup and it was better. Bread was terrible, which is never a good sign with a high end restaurant. Service was also terrible, and we were seated in the room between the entrance and the room with the view, next to the big floral arrangement. The roses smelled nice but there was a draft each time the front door opened.

                                  I had a discussion with the owner (who has no prior restaurant experience, in case that hasn't been mentioned here) and told him I was the one who had posted the complaint about the surcharge. He said that for the next HVRW he was going to have the chef come up with more choices, whic probably means you won't get short rib again.

                                  I'm not going back this time for HVRW.

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                                    While they might be beautiful, fragrant roses on or near the tables is also not a good sign. In a high end restaurant, servers would not even be allowed to wear a fragrance as it interferes with the taste of the food. This place sounds like a candidate for Restaurant Impossible!!

                                    1. re: MisterBill2

                                      Their new HVRW menu is up, and as expected, no short rib this time (and 3 choices for entree and appetizer);


                                      1. re: MisterBill2

                                        Heard that they fired the head chef...I assume a new chef has been named but I have not heard who it is..

                                        1. re: slopeguy

                                          I noticed they are on Savored (www.savored.com), a discount reservation service. But so is Kittle House (and X2O and Xaviars) so it doesn't mean much.

                              2. re: jmtoconnor

                                I had mixed reaction. Liked the food (especially the duck), but the service was spotty though friendly. And finding a silverfish on the tablecloth that I called over a passing manager to take care of is never fun. Nor is there lack of a sufficient apology.

                              3. I'm intrigued. My family-from my grandparents to my siblings went to Masion Lafitte often. It was literally our second home. We have fond memories of John and his wife greeting us at the door, taking us toddlers back to the kitchen to see the cooks. My mom's engagement party was there. My grandfathers post funeral dinner was there. We celebrated birthdays, Easter, and Friday night dinners there. So, I'm hesitant to go back because I want the experience to be just as good as when I was a kid.

                                Based on the review, it looks like I'll pass for now. Too bad it's inconsistent.

                                1. I saw the owners interviewing and I think a new chef has started. Also they have a new manager which should bring in some new life into this place

                                  1. A unique dining experience to say the least. Here you have a beautiful scenic country home restaurant(think Kittle House only prettier) where the food is very enjoyable. That said - I've never experienced a more mismanaged dining establishment. What follows is just the facts - Over the course of dinner our waiter changed 4 times. Some employees do nothing and frown while others do all. The bartender walks around with his shirt out. Our apps and main courses came out rather quickly then we were forgotten. We waited a 1/2 hour for our cheese plate then it comes incomplete. We get overcharged I return the bill. There's more but "Nuff Said". Shame - with better management this place would work.

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                                      It's ridiculous that you had to deal with such incompetence. This thread alone shows that the service has been pathetic for well over a year. Maybe next time, take copious notes during your meal so they think you're a critic. Apparently, that is only group for whom this restaurant will perform professionally.

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                                        Obvious it is a management/owner issue. There are some places where the owners are hands on and work well with managers and other places where owners are set in their ways or micromanage and it causes a cascade effect of incompetence. If the staff is the issue, its an easy fix... fire all of them!

                                    2. Funny thing is the food - for the most part - worked and they fired the chef??

                                      ...unless he got fed up and left on his own accord...

                                      1. We had dinner here this past weekend and I was pleased that we did not experience any of the previously described horror stories. Bread was plentiful, crusty and warm. Service was friendly and professional. Decent wines by the glass. The food was good, but nothing exceptional for the price. Hopefully the horrendous management/staff issues have been resolved--just wish the food was more special and/or reasonably priced.

                                        1. So I bought a groupon for haymount house because it's so close to me and I thought it was worth a try. Hopefully it wasn't a mistake. Has anyone been recently-- any recommendations?

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                                            I was going to buy that when Groupon had their $10 off coupon this week but realized it's one of those Groupons that I hate -- 2 glasses of wine (which we rarely drink) and only a single appetizer and dessert for 2 people. I recently bought one for Mina in Irvington because it was a straight $70 to spend.

                                            Sorry for going off-topic.

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                                              So, they showed up on Amazon Local today with a much better offer (at least for me) - $50 for $100 of food/drink for 2 people, or $100 for $200 of food/drink for 4 people. No restrictions on days of the week or what you can order and valid for 6 months. At that price, I jumped. Hopefully they are good.

                                            2. I used my Groupon here last week. It's a pretty good deal and I would go again with a Groupon, but probably not without one.

                                              The location is great for me, very convenient, and it is really a pretty place with a lot of character that reminds me of Kittle House. We had a fairly early reservation (6:30 pm) so we had our choice of seats in the room to the far left facing the Hudson and the sunset. This was an unexpected surprise as I didn't know they had river views (not sweeping views, but views nonetheless). We chose to sit inside since it was rather warm out but they are offering outdoor seats too. We were the only ones in the room for about 45 minutes, which was nice for us. The tables are spread out which I really like as we were not elbow to elbow with the other diners.

                                              The service was fine, but not polished. Our waitress (an older lady) was very sweet but appeared to be extremely nervous. Someone named Anthony was circulating, maybe a manager or someone? We had no issues with service snafus though the people next to us had trouble getting someone to open their bottle of wine.

                                              Our groupon included two glasses of wine, and the sauvignon blanc I had was wonderful--Jean Paul Malinge 2011 from the Loire Valley. Our shared appetizer included in the Groupon was miniscule: the beet salad was about ten pieces of roasted beets with three tiny crostinis, each with about a teaspoon of goat cheese on them. I wish we had been warned about the size of this, because even though it was tasty, it was comically tiny for two people to share.

                                              Entree portions were fairer and we both really enjoyed ours. The food isn't particularly adventurous or exciting but it was well executed. My duck was cooked perfectly (though lacked the crispy skin I like) over toothsome farro and a rhubarb ginger puree (with some forgettable steamed broccoli that seemed superfluous). My husband's salmon was also cooked perfectly and came in a mustard sauce with more beets and crispy potatoes.

                                              For dessert was a very large, rich brownie cut in half with a scoop of ice cream. Standard, nothing exciting, but a nice brownie that seemed to be homemade.

                                              Including the groupon, two extra drinks, tax, and tip we ended up paying about $110 for the meal, which seems about right. Without the groupon it would have been much, much more expensive and for us this is not special enough to go above what we paid. We really appreciated that they let us linger leisurely and the room was lovely but the food is (in my opinion) not up to the price point on the menu. Also, they are billing it as farm to table so I would love more information on the menu about where they are sourcing their ingredients from.

                                              The bar area is nice and they have a cheaper bar menu so I can see us more likely to go there for a light dinner and some drinks since we are local.

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                                                Honestly doesn't sound very good even with the Groupon. Maybe a nice place for a drink and app with a view, but the duck without crispy skin- to me, why bother. Kind of expensive too.

                                                1. re: wincountrygirl

                                                  With the groupon I do think it makes it a decent value. We had four drinks so that alone would have been over $40 without the groupon. So $70 for an appetizer, two entrees, a dessert, tax, and tip doesn't strike me as that high. But I guess I have become inured to the fact that we can't seem to go out and spend less than $100 for a decent meal in Westchester (partly because we do like to have a few drinks and like to get appetizers and desserts in addition to entrees). I can think of a few places where it is possible but in Ossining our options are really limited. I'd much rather go to North or Fortina or the Cookery or Kittle House but sometimes we don't feel like driving 20-30 minutes (and that's how long it takes for us to get to all of those places) for a meal so for us this is a decent local option with the groupon. The food wasn't exciting but it was good and it was nicer than going to the windowless Keenan House, for example, and spending probably the same amount for a less nice experience. In no way would I consider this a destination restaurant worth driving out of your way for.

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                                                    I agree with getting used to spending that much on dinner. We also do 2 drinks each and it really adds up. Especially with my DH who invariabley chooses the highest price by the glass - last week at a restaurant he got a $24 glass of pinot. Prices are really getting out of hand.

                                                    1. re: wincountrygirl

                                                      My husband is more into beer so my wine or cocktails will add more to the tab than his beers... and a $24 glass of wine would probably be lost on me, my palate is not that discerning when it comes to wine! :) Since I cook most of the time, in general we eat out max once a week, sometimes only once every two weeks, so we are definitely usually looking for a date night type place and a three course meal which by definition seems to mean bare minimum $100 for both of us. And I never skip dessert!

                                                      1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                                        I love to cook but I love to eat out. I have to say that my husband has the palate for the $24/glass wine, so at least he's enjoying it to the fullest!

                                                        1. re: wincountrygirl

                                                          Me too, I wish I could eat out every night but alas... Have you tried the Parlor yet in Dobbs Ferry? I wonder what you'd think of it compared to Fortina. Off topic, ha..

                                                          1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                                            Not yet but thanks for reminding me! Going to Fortina tonight.

                                                            1. re: wincountrygirl

                                                              Enjoy! I made a reservation for Saturday but may end up at the Parlor.

                                                2. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                                  Glad to hear it was OK but sorry to hear about the small appetizer portion. We don't generally drink so for us the Amazon deal which just lets you spend $100 on anything was a better deal. We haven't been there to use it yet.