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Apr 9, 2012 02:34 PM

hudson restaurant, briarcliff manor, ny

Hudson restaurant at Haymount Manor on Studio Hill Road in Briarcliff Manor has recently opened (in the building that was Maison Lafitte several years ago.) It describes itself as "farm to table" like many new restaurants. Has anyone tried it?

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  1. Just read a report on Small Bites on Sounds good, but I'm interested in the report of a Chowhounder.

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      Going next week, I will be sure to report back

    2. Saw it 'appear' on Open Table, and I'm very curious.
      but no other useful info was online.

      Please post reports!

      1. Dining there tonight , stay tuned.

        1. Starting with the service and moving on to the food, Hudson disappointed on nearly all fronts. We arrived by 7:45 PM, nobody at the front podium to greet us, so we ambled into the bar. No one offered a drinks menu, finally obtained one just as we were led to the table around 8:15 PM. By 9 PM appetizers arrived: an okay green salad, a good tuna crudo, a bizarre asparagus soup with a lump of frozen green stuff and an acceptable beet salad accompanied by ash-crusted goat cheese whose rind drifted into the beets like dandruff. After asking for bread, we were informed that they had run out around 8 PM, and the owner had departed on the bread quest. (See below, Pepperidge Farm sliced?) By 9:45 the food finally arrived: duck breast cold and well done (ordered medium rare); veal chop overcooked, etc. Service was ridiculously unprofessional, our server was being trained by another to open our wines ($54 and $69/bottle) at the table. Server poured tap water into the glass of one diner who was drinking Badoit ($10/bottle and they didn't offer to replace what they had ruined.) Sure, they've been open only three weeks, but the average tab runs at least $100/person. As for the other factors that comprise a satisfying dining experience, the atmosphere (deeply suburban), decor (lotsa Vegas-y chandeliers), view (overlooking ranch-style houses with the Hudson River in the deep distance), bar scene (housewives of Westchester County) were not worth the trip from Manhattan (we were road-testing for a big family birthday). And for desserts, sorry we didn't have the patience for them.

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            methinks one deserves much better for $100/person

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              Just wondering--are there usually "drinks menus" at bars?

              Rest of the review, mostly, is deeply disturbing. One thing to be careful about--if you're going to a restaurant that is in the suburbs, not one of the cities in Westchester, finding "housewives of Westchester" is what one would expect to find. Otherwise, bar scenes are "drunk guys whose wives won't let them drink/smoke/be at home" is what one finds.

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                Drinks menus at upscale restaurants/bars/hotels, at least in New York, San Fran, L.A., Paris, London, Rome, Venice, Chicago, to name just a few cities, list specialty cocktails, mixologists' creations, wines by the glass, non-alcoholic mixed "drinks," microbrewery beers, brands of bottled waters, any house-made bitters or liqueurs and, frequently, small plates of "bar" food.

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                  Not that I haven't seen drinks menus (even up here in parochial Westchester), but I don't think anyone expects to be given them at a bar. Anyway, sorry you had a disappointing experience at this place--there are many wonderful restaurants in the area where you'd have none of these service or food issues. Not many with fantastic views and good food/service.

                  I'll defer to the drinkhounds if you're looking for fancy bar drink menus.

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                  Yes, there are drinks menu's at bars - Squires on North State Road maybe two or three miles away and which is a casual bar/restaurant has a drink menu now that it serves "cocktails". So do most places in the area.
                  I wanted to try Hudson as I had been there years before and thought the building was lovely (although at the time the food not quite so good). After reading the reviews, I think I'll wait.

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                    I guess I worded my question awkwardly. I have certainly seen plenty of drink menus--even at some pretty divey bars.. What I really meant to ask was whether there was something offensive or lacking in a place that didn't provide drink menus at the bar automatically.

                    My guess is you won't merely "wait" to go to this place. So many other great choices, at that price point and well below.

                    1. re: Elisa515

                      I think you are right - unless I'm attending a function of some sort, I probably will not go there. I so wanted it to have great food, because it is a lovely setting and so very close to my home.

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                  Many years ago after having recently moved up to the land of ranch style houses and housewives of Westchester County (which I guess I am now) from the big city, we went to one of the previous incarnations of this joint....I recall it being very historical and pretty, and I was thrilled that the live band at dinner featured one of my former neighbors in NYC as the singer...more thrilled that she dedicated their set to my late dog, who was the star of the laundry room in the city...but I digress. Ranch style houses, deeply suburban atmosphere and Westchester housewives notwithstanding, your review of the food and service is quite disturbing, especially given the prices. And that bread.....really?!?!? A slice of diner white bread toast, yikes! Thanks for the warning.

                4. I was so looking forward to our dinner here and I could not have been more disappointed!Unfortunately our dinner experience was much like chicfille's. We had a 7:45 dinner reservation and although the restaurant was not filled, they pushed us to the outside area to have drinks. We were not seated until 8:05 and they did not pick up the drinks. The restaurant space was nice, but there was a large vacant area at the dead center of the space which is awkward. The menu is very small and no specials. Our waiter was extremely unattentive and not at all experienced,, verging on unprofessional and the evening from then on was awful. We had to ask for bread, which they served to one person, then said they would be back with more. They never came back, and after asking a few different times they brought more, which happily they did have,although everything was cut in half, so they must have been worried from the night before. We had to then ask if they had butter.We were not served our appetizer until well after 9, and although they were very good, after waiting that long with no one checking in on us , we were frustrated. Our entrees didn't arrive until after 10, appearing literally as we were telling them to forget about our meals. Dessert was a total let down. Although served in a timely manner they were not tasty at all. I fully anticipate and understand the bumps in a new restaurant opening a new restaurant but these were far more than acceptable "opening jitters". There were many other tables with the same experience. They tried to compensate with drinks, but when the bill came they were all on there. We won't be back . they really should not open for business unless they are able to handle it...Its too bad!

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                    We also were looking forward to our dinner here but our party of 9 could not have been more disappointed! The experience was a total train wreck and after more than two hours and still not having been served our entrees we all decided to pay the bill and leave (we had 7:30 reservations and ended up leaving at 10:00). Once we told the staff that we are leaving a very heated discussion took place and the host Paul was rude, unprofessional and threatening. One of the owners had to intervene and just told us that he was sorry, took care of the bill and said he hoped to see us again. He said that they are only open three weeks but you know what, the staff should communicate to the diners, let them know any kitchen issues and never be so violently rude as they were to us.

                    The worst restaurant experience in a very long time. I don't care how good the food is, we will never be back.

                    We also heard that there were many other tables with the same experience.

                    I agree with apples, they should not open for business unless they are able to handle it. There are many other fine restaurants in the area to go to have a fine meal.

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                      Wow, these are some of the worst things I have heard about any new restaurant opening. This seems to go way passed "glitches."

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                        The worst I have experienced in a very long time!

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                          something tells me that Paul will not be around in the coming months.

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                            If you want a really good meal, try the Brasserie Swiss in Ossining. It is very quaint - it sort of makes you feel like you are eating in a small town in Switzerland. The husband is the chef, and the wife runs the front end, and they are both lovely people. And the food is fabulous! The best escargot that I've ever eaten. The veal cutlets, should you choose to order them, are wafer thin. But if you eat beef, and Sauerbrauten is on the menu (it's a special sometimes) order than. I make Sauerbrauten from my grandmother's recipe and the Brasserie Swiss is the best I've ever had.
                            If you are looking for a more casual dining experience, try the Briars on North State Road in Briarcliff. Food is excellent, as is the service. They also have specials, and their leg of lamb was wonderful. Good seafood dishes too. They have a wide selection of regular menu items.