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Apr 9, 2012 02:07 PM

Koob (Calgary)

I'm not sure if Koob (4th St, next door to Fat City Franks) is a brand new place, but I hadn't seen it open before today. They serve kabobs on pita, salads, and dips like hummus and baba ghannouj. Toppings like salsa and chipotle mayo set it apart from typical shawarma places.

I had a chicken kabob. The meat was thin and uniform, like the frozen kabobs at a place like Pita Pit. Personally I would have preferred chicken carved from a doner spit. Also, the sandwich was small. It was OK but I won't rush back there.

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  1. Apparently it opened on April 7th. They've been on twitter for almost a year, though, and had a table at last year's Lilac Festival.

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      I too went to Koob and they took some time to explain their offering. I guess you could sum it up as fresh in a word. They focus on fresh meat not frozen, that they season themselves, fresh housemade toppings and sauces and freshly grilled to order. I really liked the two Koobs we had today. It was cool to see how the meat was pulled from the fridge and put straight onto the unique grill. The lamb was perfect not overly gamely like a lot of lamb can be. They made me a greek style wrap with cucumbers and seasoned tomatoes with the lamb and it was superb. Lots of flavor in the meat. A plus was it only took 5 minutes from ordering to eating a fresh cooked wrap. Not like a spit that just sits there all day.

      The thing i liked the most was the pomegranate sauce they put on the Beef wrap. Right amount of tartness and sweetness with something else that really went well with the beef. The price of $7 for a full wrap with all the toppings you could want seems solid to me. My only wish would be to maybe add a couple of suggested Koob's for people like me who are not as familiar with this kind of food as when it is busy they may have less time to walk you through and give samples (how i got to try the great pom sauce).

      I will be back.

      1. re: 300rwhp

        My wife and I had lunch there yesterday and thought it was an amazing addition to 4th street. I had the beef bacon double cheeseburger (beef kabob, beef bacon, cheese and any toppings I wanted) and my wife had the lamb kabob. What I liked was that everything was made fresh, including their home made salsa and coleslaw. The sauces are also all made in house which is very unique. I found the wraps to be very generous in size (especially for only paying $7-8/wrap) and for a few extra bucks we got the meal deal (fries and a fountain drink). We purchased a side of hummos (also house made) to take home. It was a delicious meal and I can't wait to go back and try the other kabobs and sauces. Oh they have dessert too!

    2. Finally. I drive by this place every morning and wondered if it would ever open. Seemed doomed!