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Apr 9, 2012 02:06 PM


Heading down to Rockport for Fri. - Sun. In need of rec's in the Rockport / Port Aranssas areas.
Many thanks,

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  1. I was hoping that by now you would have gotten some recent recs from foodies. However, in my attempt to help, I will suggest that if you want some laid-back coastal atmosphere and a good view of the bay, Moon Dog's Seaside Eatery is a great place. And, we have always enjoyed the food and service there......not fine dining at all but it's the first place I want to return to when we get back to that area. It's in Fulton which is adjacent to Rockport...on Fulton Beach Road. I have not been to Cheryl's by the Bay which is nearby, but it seems to get some favorable support from those who have and it may have a more sophisticated menu. In Port Aransas, I like Shell's and during our trip last summer, we enjoyed Port Aransas Brewing Company for good burgers (again...not foodie fare) but the place was packed and we were happy to have gone there. Also, if you possess a sweet tooth, stop by Winton's Candy and get some of their house made caramel/walnut blend.

    1. I haven't been to Rockport in more than five years, but always enjoyed the Crab'N near Aransas Pass. For a change of pace, Panjo's Pizza in Rockport has some of the best pizza I've had in Texas. Limit the pie to one topping or plain cheese. Avoid at all costs The Big Fisherman.

      1. Many thanks for all your feedback.

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          Back from a great Rockport weekend. Stayed at the Hoopes House B&B, highly reccomend. Paula the Inn Keeper is friendly, helpful and a fine breakfast chef.
          Dined at Latitude 28 in Rockport on Friday night. A restaurant in an Art Gallery. Interesting stuff, food was OK, not memorable. Beachie fare on Sat. night, Crab n'. I would reccomend. A good selection of fish prepared in many styles. We heard no complaints. Our dinners were exactly what we were looking for and expected.

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            Good to hear the Crab'N is still going strong. I forgot to warn you that Rockport rolls up the sidewalks 9 pm ish, even on weekends. Obviously you made it in time. I love Rockport, but here's a dirty secret, the fishing is better in Galveston (don't know if you fish), and Matagorda destroys.